Best Choice For Borrego Springs CA Weather – Sliding Screen Doors

Residents of Borrego Springs call Total Screen when they want sliding screen doors, and swinging screen doors, especially when the Borrego Springs, CA weather takes its course. Sliding screens provide year-round comfort to Borrego residents, so: keep the bugs out, invite the breeze in, and contact our Total Screen team today!

Total Screen is a dedicated screen door service provider for Borrego Springs, California, an enchanting community in San Diego County. Total Screen’s window and door screens are the best way to invite breezes and cool rooms, relative to the Borrego Springs weather CA (California) receives.

Total Screen - Borrego Springs window and door screen installation and repair specalists
Call Total Screen to take care of any sliding screen doors on your Borrego Springs casa.

Total Screen’s strategic location in Ramona enables us to deliver services quicker than most regional screen installers.

Screen Solutions For Weather, Borrego Springs CA

Take a look at how Total Screen can help you acclimatize to the seasonal weather Borrego Springs CA is known for, including the homeowner-favorite, Mirage Retractable Screens.

Retractable screens are ideal for homes in Borrego Springs, especially those with expansive outdoor patio spaces. We ensure your Mirage Retractable Screens function optimally, safeguarding your home from high winds, wildlife, and the harsh desert climate.

Enjoy your space, cooler than ever before, thanks to your new screens
Consider window screens as a way to cool down too-hot rooms in Borrego Springs.

More Than Just Retractable Screens

Our services extend beyond Mirage Retractable Screens, you can count on Total Screen’s expertise for installing sliding door screens, too. If your screen door has been giving you trouble, we have solutions which assure smooth operation of your sliding screen doors for many seasons to come.

Window Screens can make all the difference to an environment's comfort level
Window Screens can make all the difference to an environment’s comfort level

Putting Customers First In Borrego Springs

At Total Screen, we value a personal touch and when you call us, you’re not just another number. A real person answers the phone when you call Total Screen. Count on us to listen to your needs and provide solutions. We take pride in our outstanding customer service, ensuring each customer is given the attention they deserve.

Total Screen - Borrego Springs window and door screen installation and repair specalists
Be sure to regularly check your window screens and sliding screen doors for signs of environmental wear.

Improve Your Weather Borrego Springs CA

In Borrego Springs, CA, where weather demands put additional strains on a home’s comfort level, Total Screen stands out as a key community asset. Total Screen’s Mirage Retractables and other window and door screen solutions demonstrate our comprehensive ability to improve your home’s comfort. 


Total Screen is Borrego's screen repair and install specialist
When Borrego Springs needs screens, Total Screen will be there.

Total Screen caters specifically to the unique climatic needs of Borrego Springs, California. Our “commitment to comfort” goes beyond window screen repairs; we aim to significantly enhance the comfort, security, and energy efficiency of your home, making Total Screen an essential part of living comfortably in the weather that Borrego Springs, CA is known for.

Reach Out to Total Screen

For your Screen Door needs, get in touch with Total Screen today. Visit us at or call us at 1-760-419-7670.

We’re here to resolve any window and door screen issues, ensuring quality and durability with every service.

Enjoy Borrego as never-before, with nearly-invisible window screens
Enjoy your home fully with a nearly-invisible retractable patio screen, installed by Total Screen.

Total Screen values education and customer satisfaction, and we’ve put together informational window screen articles to help you understand our services better. We invite you to explore our blog for more insights on window and door screen solutions.

When it comes to screens, Total Screen has you covered.



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