Disclosure Statement on Website Media Origins

At Total Screen, we blend innovation with practicality, particularly in how we present our products to you. Our website hosts a diverse collection of visuals, combining both photographs captured by our own cameras, and those generated by artificial intelligence (AI). This practice serves dual purposes: to provide you with clear, useful illustrations, and to protect the privacy of our clients and their spaces.

Real Solutions in AI Settings

The screen door you see here features a convenient pet door, and that door is showcased in a serene porch setting. The screen door itself is an authentic photograph from our collection of installation jobs, and it represents the solution we, or our trusted partners, have actually installed for a homeowner.

All other elements of the photograph, including the dog, the human figure, and the inviting porch are artfully created by AI. We combine our real-world photos with Ai-images in this way, in order to depict the potential scenarios and benefits of a product, without intruding on customer privacy.

Pet Door Screen Doors
Home with Swinging Screen Door with Pet Door

Home with Swinging Screen Door with Pet Door

A Picture of Possibility

Here you can see a screen door with pet door, and this photograph represents the actual door we installed for a client in San Diego. You can see that the actual screen door in both the Ai image, and the camera photograph, is identical.

Our AI-generated images paint a picture of 'what could be' for your home. They are detailed exemplars of how our products look and function in everyday life, without revealing specific locations or private moments. Conversely, our camera-taken photographs represent 'what was done'—the real-life implementations of Total Screen's products.

The Why Behind Our Visual Choices

Choosing AI scenarios allows us to illustrate our products in a variety of settings and situations that might be challenging or intrusive to capture in real life. For instance, it would be impractical and invasive to photograph every pet enjoying the ease of our pet-friendly screen doors in their homes. Instead, we opt for a respectful approach, combining our real product images with AI-generated contexts that respect our customers' privacy and spaces.

Total Screen remains transparent about the origins of the media on our website. By disclosing our use of mixed media, we intend to maintain a trustful relationship with you, ensuring that you can clearly distinguish between our real-world solutions and the illustrative possibilities of AI renders.

As we continue to innovate and find new ways to serve you, Total Screen's commitment to honesty, transparency, and privacy stands firm. We invite you to explore our website, where the boundary between reality and potential is seamlessly blended for your convenience and inspiration.