Prevent "Window Burn" with Screens

Reflected sunlight can burn cars, vinyl siding, artificial turf, and even pets! 

Contact Total Screen to install "Tuff Mesh" screens that prevent turf melt.

See our Photo Gallery of window-burn example images, and then Contact Us and ask for 'Turf Protect' window screen installation to save your home & lawn.

"Window Burn" Prevention Screens - Example Gallery

See example photos of Total Screen's previous installations of 'Turf Protect' window screens. Our gallery of images shows the various ways that a home might be damaged by reflected sunlight from un-screened windows.

Contact Us - "Window Burn" Solutions

We're here to help you, so please contact Total Screen today and we'll get in touch right away with screen solutions to save your artificial turf.

Additional "Window Burn" Prevention Options