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Total Screen installs screen doors in San Diego, including Hinged Screen Doors, Sliding Screen Doors, Security Screen Doors, Pet Screen Doors, and Retractable Screen DoorsCall Total Screen today and get your new screen door, tomorrow!

Sliding screen doors allow cross-breezes in, while simultaneously keeping pests out. Total Screen installs a variety of sliding screen door styles. Call Total Screen to get your own sliding screen door installed.

Retractable screens magically retract out-of-sight whenever the screen isn't needed. Total Screen is an authorized installer of Mirage Retractable Screens for homeowners across San Diego. Call Total Screen today and get your own retractable screen door installed!

Pet Screen Doors 

Our pet screens provide freedom of movement to your pet, from tiny cats, all the way to huge dogs. Call Total Screen for all your pet screen door needs.

Metal security screen doors provide additional protection for your home, due to their sturdy metal construction. Call Total Screen for security screen doors which perfectly compliment your home's exterior.

Screen Doors with Hinges

Hinged screen doors add an extra layer of security & elegance to your home. We can install auto-closing hinged screens, which add extra convenience when you exit or enter. Call Total Screen today to get your own hinged screen door installed. 

Screen Door Repair

Total Screen specializes in screen door repair, ensuring your screens are always in perfect condition and ready for use. Whether routine maintenance or intricate repairs, call Total Screen today to fix your screen door.

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Total Screen has your doors covered. We sell & install all variety of hinged, sliding, and security screen doors. Please contact us today and we'll get in touch right away.

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