PSA: Avoid Turf Guard Window Film

Turf Guard window film has significant drawbacks, which is why Total Screen created 'Turf Protect' window screens solve homeowners' turf-melt issues. Contact Total Screen today to protect your artificial turf with 'Turf Protect' window screens.

Turf Guard Window Film Problems

The premise of Turf Guard window films is attractive: just roll film on windows, but...

Turf-Guard Film Detriments

Don't install Turf Guard window unless you have lots of time for installing it.

Do you know how many windows need to be covered with film? How many rolls of turf guard window film will you need? Do you have second-story windows? Do you have a ladder? Are all of your windows properly cleaned?

In short, a home-owner who wants to install Turf Guard window film must first answer a lot of questions, even before ordering window film. 

A Better Alternative to Window Films

Another solution to turf-melt issues is to simply call Total Screentell us you want 'Turf Protect' window screens to save your lawn.

Turf Protect Screen Benefits

Get 'Turf Protect' Screens to save your artificial-turf lawn.

A professional Total Screen installer will show up, measure your windows, fabricate your 'Turf-Protect' screens, and install them for you, all completed in about 48 hours.

Call Total Screen today and tell us you want to save your lawn with "Turf-Protect" window screens, and we'll handle everything else

Get 'Turf Protect' Window Screens

Turf Protecting Window Screen Installation

Contact Total Screen today for a free on-site measurement appointment 

Total Screen's turf-saving window screens can protect your artificial-turf lawn. In fact, our 'Turf Protect' window screens provide benefits that window films simply can't match:

Screens Cool Rooms

  • 'Turf Protect' window screens can reduce room temps by up to 20°F during peak heat, helping you save money on monthly energy bills, due to reduced air-conditioner usage.

Screens Reduce Sun Glare

  • 'Turf Protect' window screens provide a comfortable indoor environment with reduced morning & afternoon sunlight.

    Up to 95% of the light can be blocked by a window screen, resulting in more-comfortable, subdued interior lighting.
Sun Heat Breaks Up at Window Screens

'Turf Protect' Window Screens can block up to 95% of the sun's light AND heat energy

Screens Match Home Aesthetics

  • Maintain the beauty of your home with sleek 'Turf Protect' window screens, featuring frame colors to match your home.

Screens Increase Home Airflow

  • Unlike Turf Guard window film, our 'Turf Protect' window screens allow for air circulation, since your windows remain open-able.
Increase Airflow with Screens

Window screens will increase your home's airflow, while also protecting against turf-melt issues.

When you choose 'Turf Protect' window screens, you'll also be getting professional installation, with aesthetics that seamlessly match your home, and easy maintenance which can be performed by the home owner.

How Window-Film (Doesn't) Work

Compare our 'Turf Protect' window screens to the leading Turf Guard window films, and you'll see how window film fall short in several key areas:

Window Film vs Window Screen

Comparison image of Window Film vs Window Screen, with Window Screen blocking far more sun.

Window Film Lets Heat In

  • Window films like Turf Guard do not meaningfully reduce interior room temperature.

    In comparison, Total Screen's 'Turf Protect' window screens create an insulating barrier to significantly reduce the sun's heat before it reaches your window.
Sun Goes Through Turf Guard Window Films

Sunlight & heat goes right through window film

Window Films Mean The Window Has to Be Closed

With closed windows, no airflow is entering the house.

Window Film = Zero Airflow

  • Turf guard window films require closed windows to function, and this eliminates any airflow.
    Get 'Turf Protect' window screens that allow for fresh air circulation. 

    Window screens seamlessly blend with your exterior for a pleasing look.
Plain Window VS Turf Film VS Window Screens

Comparison of window treatments: window screens are the ideal solution. 

Total Screen: Your Screen Solution

With two decades of experience, Total Screen specializes in installing and replacing all types of window screens, including our 'Turf Protect' window screens.

Don't let "Turf Guard" window film's short lifespan, tedious replacement process, and lack of airflow be a burden to your home. 

Invest in long-lasting, easily-maintained 'Turf Protect' window screens, professionally installed by Total Screen.

Total Screen Turf Protection Before and After

Example of a house with turf-melt problems, and then an after-image with new screens & turf.

With 'Turf Protect' window screens, you get superior turf protection, increased airflow, & uncompromised views. 

Contact Total Screen today and protect your turf from the perils of turf melt!



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