Regal by KE – Patio Awnings Retractable System

Get shade for your patio at the push of a button, with the "Regal" retractable awning by KE Outdoor Designs. The "Regal" combines function & aesthetics in a sleek housing. Contact the licensed and authorized pros at Total Screen today, and get your own "Regal" retractable patio awning.

"Regal" Retractable Patio Awning

"Regal" in 5 Available Colors

KE's "Regal" retractable awning comes in the following 5 color choices, making it easy to match your patio's existing aesthetics:

Elegant Retractable Awning

A retractable awning like the "Regal" is both elegant and practical. Total Screen often suggests the "Regal" for those who want a good value, without a lot of extra features. This awning provides a perfect blend of style and utility for your patio. 

Uncertain which retractable patio awning is right for you? Contact Total Screen; we're happy to help you decide.

Regal Retractable Patio Awning

Key Features - "Regal"

1. Customizable Width & Projection: KE's "Regal" retractable awning offers a range of widths, from 6’1” to 23’. It can project outward from 5’3” to 11’2”, ensuring a perfect fit for your unique patio space.

2. Durable Arm Style: Equipped with two nylon-coated steel cables, the "Regal" awning offers durability and robustness.

3. Versatile Operation: With both motorized and manual operation options, the "Regal" awning provides ease of use and convenience, tailored to your preference.

4. Flexible Mounting Options: Whether you prefer roof, soffit, or wall mounting, the Regal awning accommodates various installation preferences. Note: the soffit mount for "Regal" does not include a hood option; consider the "Qubica Flat" if you want a self-contained housing.

5. Superior Wind Resistance: Rated with a Class 2 wind rating, your retracted "Regal" awning is strong against the elements, ensuring your peace of mind, even in windy conditions.

6. Hood, for Added Protection: To further protect the awning’s motor from water damage (not covered under warranty), the optional hood is a recommended addition.

Regal Retractable Awning - Fully Extended

Entry-Level Retractable Awning

The "Regal" retractable patio awning has all the necessary components to provide aesthetically-pleasing shade, at the push of a button. It is an ideal choice for those who want shade, but like the idea of saving money by eliminating certain optional features. 

Extra options such as a drop-valance are not available on the "Regal", and custom colors are likewise not available, in favor of instead producing a reliable and standard set of 5 colors. These add-on options are available in other models of KE's Retractable Awnings, such as the "Qubica Flat" or the "Elite Plus"

Questions about the "Regal" retractable? Contact Total Screen's team with your retractable awning questions!

Regal Retractable Awning

Patio Awnings Retractable Solutions

The "Regal" retractable awning is ideal for homeowners who seek aesthetic appeal and practicality. Adding a "Regal" awning to a patio or deck is a great way to reclaim a space, by providing essential shade and comfort, whenever it's desired.

Contact Total Screen Today

Start enjoying your patio with the "Regal" retractable awning, installed by Total Screen. We'll help you decide which retractable awning is best for your space.  Contact Total Screen today to get your own "Regal" Retractable Awning installed.



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