Elite Plus by KE – Retractable Awnings for Decks

Create a cozy space with KE Outdoor Designs' "Elite Plus" retractable awning for decks. The "Elite Plus" retractable awning provides push-button shade, whenever it's needed. Contact Total Screen today to get your own "Elite Plus" retractable deck awning installed.

Qubica Flat Retractable Deck Awning

5 Available Colors

KE's "Elite Plus" retractable deck awning comes in the following 5 color choices, making it easy to match your deck space's existing aesthetics:

"Elite Plus" - Ultimate Sun Protection

Transform your deck into a luxurious outdoor retreat with the "Elite Plus" by KE, the pinnacle of versatile retractable awnings for decks. Offering not just shade but also a sophisticated flair, the Elite Plus awning is a marriage of functionality and design, ensuring your outdoor space is protected and enhanced. Now featuring an optional drop valance, the Elite Plus becomes an even more adaptable solution for those afternoon hours when the sun sits low in the sky, providing complete comfort.

"Elite Plus" retractable deck awning

Unrivaled Flexibility, Literally

The unique "R-Pitch" adjustable shoulder of the "Elite Plus" retractable awning allows for meticulous sun protection. With a patented swivel-wrist system, this retractable awning offers an unmatched level of control. Each corner of the "Elite Plus" can be independently adjusted, ensuring that as the sun moves, your comfort remains constant. There's even an option to add a drop valance, for an extra layer of protection and privacy.

'Elite Plus" retractable awning R-Pitch feature

Effortlessly adjust a single corner of your awning, with the innovative "R-Pitch" feature.

Key Features of "Elite Plus"

  • Precision R-Pitch: Adjust each corner of the awning individually, with a built-in level on the front bar for fine-tuning.
  • Variable Dimensions: Widths from 3’8” to 46’ and projections from 5’3” to 13’6”.
  • Cross-Arm Functionality: Enhanced projection for narrow widths.
  • Optional Hood: Additional fabric protection.
  • LED Lighting & Automation: Extend your outdoor time with optional features.
"Elite Plus" retractable awning for decks and patios

Customizable to Your Space

Whether your deck is expansive or intimate, the Elite Plus adapts to fit. With cross-arm technology, even decks as narrow as 3’ 8” can enjoy the awning’s full benefits. Drop valances provide additional coverage for decks up to 24’ wide, offering protection up to a 13’ 6” projection.

Robust and Resilient Design

Built to withstand the test of time, the Elite Plus's durable construction promises a lifetime of service. The inclusion of belt arms extends the awning's life, making it a smart investment for your home. And with over 500 fabric options, it's not just built to last, but also to match your unique style.

"Elite Plus" retractable awning for homes

Color Options for Every Style

Your retractable awning should complement your home, and with the Elite Plus, you can choose from main colors like classic White, modern Charcoal, warm Brown, natural Sand, and sleek Jet Black (gloss). These choices ensure your awning looks like a natural extension of your living space.

Optional Drop Valance 

The ability to add a drop valance is a feature that sets the "Elite Plus" apart. When you want a bit of extra shade, simply lower your drop valence. This feature is perfect for those who want the flexibility to enjoy their outdoor space in all lighting conditions. You can add a drop-valence to any Elite Plus, up to an 11’ 9” projection. With an Elite Plus + optional drop valance, you'll be assured full deck coverage, which makes it a popular choice for discerning homeowners.

Qubica Flat Retractable Deck Awnings

Concluding Thoughts

The "Elite Plus" by KE is not just a retractable awning for decks, it's a statement of elegancee for your home. Total Screen is dedicated to solving customer problems through innovative products like the "Elite Plus". We invite you to experience the difference and elevate your outdoor living to extraordinary heights.

Discover the perfect balance of shade, style, and sophistication with Total Screen’s "Elite Plus" by KE. It's not just an awning; it's a lifestyle enhancement.



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