Triumph by KE – Retractable Awning for Patio

Beat the heat with a "Triumph" retractable patio awning from KE Outdoor Designs'. Customizable with 500 fabric choices, the "Triumph" retractable awning makes any patio more stylish. Contact Total Screen today to get professional installation of a "Triumph" retractable awning for patios. 

Triumph Retractable Patio Awning

5 Available Colors

The "Triumph" retractable awning by KE is offered in these 5 color choices, so it's you can choose the best color for your patio's existing aesthetics:

Elegance in Design

The "Triumph" awning boasts a minimalist yet sturdy housing that complements various architectural styles. Its design provides not just visual appeal but also functional protection, ensuring the awning's longevity even when not in use.

Triumph Retractable Awning Housing

Customizable Comfort

Imagine a versatile outdoor living space where comfort meets style; the "Triumph" awning offers everything in one simple package. This retractable awning extends gracefully to provide a haven from the sun, providing you with a space to relax or entertain, at your leisure.

Vibrant and Enduring

Choose from a spectrum of 500+ colors for your "Triumph" awning to match your unique taste and outdoor décor. KE's retractable awning durable fabric options assure a lasting vibrancy which will bring life to your patio area.

Questions about the "Triumph" retractable? Contact Total Screen's team with your retractable awning questions!

Triumph Retractable Awning for Patios

Tailored to Your Space

The "Triumph" awning's versatile installation options mean it can adapt to any patio size, providing a seamless fit that enhances the utility and aesthetics of your outdoor space.

Key Features of "Triumph:"

  • Extensive Coverage: Up to 480 square feet of shade with a maximum projection of 15’ 11”.
  • Customizable Widths: Available in sizes up to 24 feet to fit a variety of patio dimensions.
  • Motorized Drop Valance: Offers additional sun protection, ideal for varying sun angles throughout the day.
  • Durable Construction: Features a 50mm torsion bar and an 85mm roller tube for a sturdy build.
  • Low Maintenance: Teflon-coated bushings and stainless steel pins ensure quiet operation and minimal upkeep.
  • Flexible Mounting Options: Can be installed on walls, soffits, or roofs to suit different patio layouts.
  • Fabric Variety: Over 500 fabric options to complement your home's exterior design.
  • Color Options: Standard colors include White, Sand, and Charcoal to match any aesthetic.
  • Aluminum Hood: Optional feature for added protection of the motor and fabric.
  • Lifetime Warranty: Comes with a Limited Lifetime Frame Warranty for peace of mind.

Aesthetic and Functional Harmony

With significant coverage potential, the "Triumph" awning is a practical solution for extensive patios, marrying function with the existing elements of your home's exterior to create an indispensable outdoor feature. Contact Total Screen today to get your own Retractable Awning, like the "Triumph" from KE.

A Commitment to Excellence

A Limited-Lifetime Frame Warranty underlines the quality of the "Triumph", ensuring your investment enhances your patio for years to come. KE Outdoor Designs is an international producer of durable retractable awnings, and Total Screen is a fully-licensed & authorized installer of KE's retractable products.

View of Triumph Awning from Above

Contact Total Screen Today

The "Triumph" retractable patio awning stands as a hallmark of KE's ingenuity. Every aspect of the "Triumph" is crafted to meet homeowners' desires for a distinguished outdoor ambiance.

Redefine your home's exterior with the "Triumph", installed by Total Screen. This retractable patio awning is more than a sun shelter — it's an investment in enhancing the quality of your home life.  Contact Total Screen today to get your own Retractable Awning installed.



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