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Looking for a chimney sweep company? Contact Total Screen today; we'll connect you with a chimney sweep in our "Screened Pro" network of trusted service providers. 

Chimney Sweep Company Checklist

When working with a reputable chimney sweep company, you can expect:

Upfront Communication & Pricing:

  • A professional chimney sweep will provide clear communication regarding their services & pricing.
  • A homeowner can expect to be told, in advance, the scope of the work to-be-done. A professional chimney sweep will identify potential issues in advance, and provide an accurate estimate before beginning the job.

Promptness and Reliability

  • Service providers, such as chimney sweeps, arrive on-time for a scheduled appointment.
  • Expect that your service-provider will work efficiently, minimizing any inconvenience to you.

Respect for Your Home

  • Reputable chimney sweeps take care to protect your home during the cleaning process.
  • Chimney-cleaning professionals utilize drop cloths, vacuum systems, and other tools to minimize mess and ensure your living space remains clean.

Comprehensive Care

  • In addition to thoroughly cleaning your chimney, a skilled chimney sweep can also perform a chimney inspection, which is more thorough than a cleaning. 
  • A chimney inspection can involve checking for any damage, obstructions, or potential hazards, then providing you with a full report, and recommendations for any necessary repairs or maintenance.

Click here to contact a chimney cleaner from our "Screened Pro" neighborhood network.

Chimney Cleaning Companies 

Chimney sweeps perform their work at your home, so it's important to hire a professional who will respect your property, and any inhabitants. 

Total Screen has an extensive network "Screened Pro" chimney sweeps throughout San Diego, allowing us to directly connect you with your best local service provider.

When you hire a "Screened Pro" chimney sweep, you're assured they have met the following qualifications:

- Combined average rating of 4.5 stars or better on Yelp & Google

- Member of Better Business Bureau and/ or Chamber of Commerce

- Possess up-to-date business licenses, email, phone, & website.

Hiring a local chimney sweep means they'll have a better understanding of the neighborhood, such as climate, common issues, & regulations in your area.

Chimney sweeps can also use their local knowledge to provide personalized recommendations, based on their knowledge of the community and it's seasons.

Chimney Cleaners in our "Screened Pro" network are ready to help you this season.

If you're ready to save money by scheduling your chimney cleaning today, click here to contact your local "Screened Pro" chimney cleaner.


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