Who Cleans Dryer Ducts Vents?

A professional dryer-vent cleaner can clean your dryer ducts & vents. Contact us today to connect with a local dryer-vent cleaning company in your area.

There are various service providers offering dryer vent cleaning, how do you choose the right one? 


Using a Standard Vacuum Hose to Clean Dryer

Dryer Vent Cleaning Companies

For the most thorough and reliable service, consider hiring a company that specializes exclusively in dryer vent cleaning.

These dryer-vent cleaning companies have the expertise, equipment, and training to tackle even the most challenging vent systems.


Professional Air-Duct Cleaners and their Work Van

Click here to contact a dryer vent cleaning specialist from our "Screened Pro" network; ensure your vents are in the hands of a dedicated expert.

HVAC Repair & Chimney Sweeps

Many HVAC companies and chimney sweeps offer dryer vent cleaning services.

These kinds of service-providers have experience with ductwork and venting systems, so they're well-equipped to clean dryer vents.



When selecting an HVAC company or chimney sweep for your dryer vent cleaning, verify their credentials and experience in this specific service area. 

Handyman Services

Some general handyman service-providers may offer dryer vent cleaning, and it's crucial to ensure they have the necessary equipment & knowledge to perform the job.

Handyman Dryer Duct Cleaner

Handyman Dryer Duct Cleaner

If you're considering a handyman for your dryer vent cleaning, consider asking them how many times they've performed dryer-vent cleaning, in order to gain an understanding of their experience level. 

Frequently Asked Questions

"How long does dryer vent cleaning take?"

A professional dryer vent cleaning typically takes 30 to 60 minutes, depending on the complexity of your vent system.

Systems with multiple bends or roof vents may require more time, up to a few hours.


"What does dryer vent cleaning involve?"

Dryer vent cleaning involves removing lint, debris, and obstructions from the entire venting system, from the dryer to the external vent hood.

Professional Dryer Duct Cleaner at Work

Professional Dryer Duct Cleaner at Work

Professionals vent cleaners will use specialized brushes which are designed for vent tubing. 

A professional vent cleaner is likely to utilize a high-powered vacuum, purpose built for cleaning duct work.

Contact a Trustworthy Service Provider

Contact a Trustworthy Service Provider

Call a Screened Pro

When it's time to hire a vent cleaner, be sure to hire a professionalwho possesses expertise & equipment to properly preform their job.

If you're ready to schedule your dryer vent cleaning with a trusted "Screened Pro" specialist, fill out the form below and we'll take care of the rest.

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