Motorized Retractable Screens for Comfort

Want to maximize your patio or deck space? Motorized Retractable Screens reduce sun glare, increase air flow, and banish bugs. Contact Total Screen today to get a motorized retractable screen for your home.

Motorized Retractable Screen Systems by Sun Control

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Motorized Retractables by 'Sun Control'

Total Screen is an authorized dealer & installer of 'Sun Control' products, an industry-leading motorized retractable manufacturer.

Motorized screens by Sun Control can be installed into openings up to 27 feet wide and 16 feet tall.

View from inside a home with a Motorized Retractable Screen

These motorized screens are discretely hidden from view in Sun Control's sleek, extruded-aluminum housing. 

Choose from a variety of housing colors like White, Sand, Bronze, and more, so you can perfectly match your home's aesthetic.

Motorized Retractable Screen Systems Turn Any Space Into A Room

When you're ready for shade, simply use the included remote control or wall switch, and watch as your screen smoothly extends down the guided tracks, using Sun Control's proprietary 'Fabric Retention Track system' (FRT).

Within seconds, your space will be comfortably shaded and enclosed, transforming it into an extension of your indoor living space that you can enjoy no matter the weather or time of day.

Screens Reduce Heat & Glare

Motorized Retractable Screen Mounted On A Home Window

Imagine sipping your morning coffee on your patio without dealing with uncomfortable glare or heat, or inviting friends over for evening cocktails without having to constantly swat away bugs. 

With a motorized retractable screen installed by Total Screen, you can utilize your outdoor furniture and entertaining space far more often, without weather damage or pest concerns.

View from inside a patio with a Motorized Retractable Screen

Half-retracted screens allow for customizing your space, according to the local environmental conditions. 

Imagine a West-facing backyard which receives hot afternoon sun, rendering your patio completely unusable until dusk.

With your motorized screen, you can easily block that intense sunlight and heat, dropping the temperature underneath by up to 20°F. Suddenly you have a cool, comfortable outdoor oasis to lounge or dine in, even during the peak of summer.

Blocks Up To 97% UV Light

Sun Control's motorized screens feature a durable, PVC-coated fabric mesh that can block up to an impressive 97% of UV rays, while still maintaining your outward view. 

Motorized Retractable Screen System by Sun Control

Get maximum sun protection without sacrificing visibility or airflow.

Get A Motorized Retractable Today

If you're ready to expand your home's usable space and make the most of Southern California's ideal climate, consider adding a Sun Control motorized retractable screen, installed by the authorized experts at Total Screen.

Motorized retractable screens are valuable investment which allow you to enjoy your space far more often, enhancing the functionality of your property.

Motorized Retractable Screen System by Sun Control

Total Screen: Your Screen Solution

Contact Total Screen today for a free estimate and start transforming your outdoor living experience with a motorized retractable screen, made by Sun Control. 


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