Top 3 Reasons to Get Solar Window Screens

Solar window screens reduce heat, enhance privacy, & cut energy costs. Call Total Screen to get your solar window screens installed, and keep reading to discover the top 3 benefits of energy-efficient solar window screens.

Let's explore three compelling reasons why solar window screens are the ultimate solution for cooling your home's interior.

#1 Solar Window Screens Reduce Heat

Solar window screens are a cost-effective cooling solution that requires no electricity.

Solar screens can block to 97% of sunlight from entering your home, and this will lead to an overall cooler home, year round.

Total Screen installs solar window screens strategically, allowing inhabitants to substantially reduce their reliance on air conditioning.

#2 Solar Window Screens Enhance Privacy

By installing solar window screens on sun-facing windows, you're doing more than just cooling your rooms - you're creating a more comfortable living environment.

Our solar window screens are specifically designed to absorb, diffuse, and block harsh sunlight before it has a chance to enter your home.

With our Solar Window Screens, you retain full visibility to look out, but others won't be able to see in.

Installing solar window screens in sun-exposed rooms can protect your home's inhabitants skin-damaging UV sunlight.

Solar window screens block up to 97% UV radiation, which also helps to preserve your home's furnishings and photographs.

#3 Solar Screens Are Low Maintenance

For those who value convenience, solar window screens are incredibly easy to maintain.

Happy Homeowner looking out their solar screens

Simply remove the screen from the clips that keep it attached to your window, and proceed to rinse the screen with a garden hose.

Annual screen cleaning will keep your solar screens clean & functional, year after year.

Get Solar Window Screens Installed

Get solar window screens installed today by contacting Total Screen. 

Simply fill out our questionnaire below, or click here to call us and tell us that you want solar window screens. We're happy to schedule a free measurement appointment, and discuss your sun-screening options. 


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