Options for Window Screen Replacements

Window screens need to function at a high level of proficiency to adequately protect you from outside elements, but these same screens wear out or sometimes break without notice, so when that happens, “what exactly are your available options for window screen replacements?”, and “how do you know which screen to choose?”

The answers to your questions depend upon your situation, the intent of the screen or its purpose, and the extent of the security you want it to provide, which is why the experts of Total Screen Company want to make that process for you easier by helping with everything.

Why Window Screens Need Replacement

Because the screen is made of either mesh, wires, or metal, the potential for those materials to wear out exists, and most of them show warning signs that tell you why window screens need to be replaced, and in many cases these signs are in the form of cuts, tears, holes, loose parts, splits, or separation from its frame.

Perhaps the easiest way for you to see when it’s necessary to replace screens is to pay attention to any changes in the way it functions or performs, such as not opening or closing properly.

Window Screen Replacement Options

There are many convenient options for you to choose from if you are ready to replace your screen, so the basic window screen replacement options are mesh, metal, or solar screens, and they each have their own specific uses to help you.

When you want extra security for your house, you want the metal window screens for your windows, as metal screens are effective at protecting you from intruders, while the mesh screens are fine to prevent insects, wind, water, or hail from entering your house, so it really is up to you to determine what you feel is best for your situation, however, sometimes it helps to play it safe and stay with extra security precautions.

Installing Window Screen Replacements

Each screen for the windows you select to replace have to be installed before you use them, and the process for installing windows screen replacements does not need to be complicated for you, especially if you plan to hire a professional to do it for you.

Please feel free to use the contact form below if you have any questions or want to request more information about how Total Screen Company can help with selection or install options.



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