DIY Window Screen Replacement Tips From The Total Screen Guys

Embracing DIY Window Screen Repair

Window screen repair is an essential skill for any homeowner. Simple wear and tear, or damage from pets and weather, can leave your window screens in need of a refresh. Before you reach out to Total Screen for window repair services, you may decide that you want to give it a try yourself.

In this blog post, we’ll explore the various aspects of window screen repair and replacement, ensuring you have the knowledge to tackle it on your own.

Measuring Accurately for a Custom Fit

To make your window screen repair go smoothly, start by gathering accurate measurements of your window frame. Measure both the height and width of the screen area, taking care to measure from the inside of the frame where the screen will actually sit.

These measurements will help you purchase the correct size of replacement screen material and avoid any unnecessary trips to the store or calls to the screen guys.

Choose the Right Material and Tools

When selecting your replacement screen material, consider factors such as durability, visibility, and pricing. Typically, fiberglass or aluminum screens are the most common choices.

You’ll also need a few essential tools for the repair process, such as a spline roller, a utility knife, and a screen spline. Having these tools ready will save you time and help prevent the need for a professional screen guy to step in.

Step-by-Step Guide to Replacing Your Screen

  1. Remove the old screen carefully from the window frame.
  2. Cut your new screen material slightly larger than your frame dimensions.
  3. Secure one side of the screen material to the frame with the new spline, using the spline roller.
  4. Stretch the material evenly across the frame, ensuring it is taut but not overstretched.
  5. Repeat the process for the remaining three sides. Use a utility knife to trim the excess screen material.

In Conclusion: Confidence in Your DIY Abilities

With the proper tools and techniques, window screen repair is an achievable DIY project for any homeowner. By following these steps and practicing your skills, you will become more confident in your abilities and feel less reliant on professional support.

However, when in doubt or if the repair seems too complex, calling your local Total Screen guys for assistance is always a smart decision! Reach out to your local window screen repair company for further help or guidance.


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