Retractable Screen Porch Options by Mirage

Installing a Mirage Wide-Opening Retractable Screen System is a great way to enhance your outdoor porch or patio. Retractable porch screens are customized specifically for large openings, such as sliding doors and bi-fold doors which lead outside.

If you have a wide span from your home to an outdoor living area, a retractable screen porch provides insect protection, privacy, sunlight control and airflow.

Mirage Wide-Opening Retractable Covering a Set of Sliding Doors

Total Screen’s Authorized Mirage Retractable Installers are available to measure your space and help you determine the right retractable screen system for your needs.

In this article, we’ll share how you can choose the perfect retractable-screen porch system for your home.

Accurately Measure Opening

In order to understand which Mirage Retractables are best for your patio opening space, you want to first measure the width and height of your outdoor space’s opening.

Mirage’s manually-operated retractable porch screens for wide openings can accommodate openings up to 14 feet wide.
For spans wider than 14 feet, you’ll likely need a Mirage Motorized Retractable Screen System.

Consider Screen Purpose

It is important to understand how you want to use your retractable porch screen. Do you need insect protection? Perhaps you want additional privacy for your porch? Maybe your porch is too hot, and you want to cool it down while improving its airflow.

Mirage Wide-Opening Retractables Covering Sliding Glass Doors

Contact your Total Screen installer and inform them about your specific needs from a Mirage Retractable Porch Screen: insect mesh, privacy mesh, sun-protection, or blackout material.

Choose Manual or Motorized

If your porch space is less than 28 feet across, then a manually-operated Mirage Retractable is the best choice.  Up to 28 total feet of space can be covered by using two, 14-foot, Manual Retractable Screens, which meet in the middle.

If your porch space opening is larger than 28-feet wide, it’s recommended to get the Motorized version of the Mirage Retractable for patio openings.

Select Frame Style and Color

Once you know which Wide-Opening Mirage Retractable is right for you, it’s time to choose a Mirage Retractable frame color and style that matches your home. Mirage offers finishes like wood grain and bronze for your retractable screen porch.

Mirage Wide-Opening Retractable Screens Are Ideal for Sun Rooms

Built-In Safety Features

A Mirage Retractable for Wide Openings is designed with ingenious safety features, such as it’s handle with anti-pinch latches, and auto-stop sensors to ensure child safety.

Ready to See a Mirage?

Once you have accurate measurements and clearly designed screen needs, contact the screen professionals at Total Screen to schedule your free appointment.

We’ll work with you to find the perfect Mirage Retractable porch screen system for enhancing your outdoor living space.



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