Repair or Replace? Advice from The Total Screen Guy

Window screens play a vital role in keeping insects, debris, and critters out of our homes. However, they can become damaged over time from wear, weather, or accidents. In some cases, window screens can be repaired with minimal effort.

In some situations, replacement of window screens is a more practical decision than repairing them​. So, when should you reach for your tools, and when should you call the screen guy? This blog post will provide you with insight into making those informed decisions.

Screen Damage: Repair or Replace

The first step in deciding whether to repair or replace a window screen is to evaluate the extent of the damage. Small holes or tears can often be patched with a repair kit, available at most hardware stores.

Slightly larger damages might require a new piece of screen material and a re-spline, something you could easily do yourself. However, for severe damage or multiple areas of wear, it might be time to consult with a window screen guy​.

Screen Guy’s Quick Screen Fixes

Patching a small hole or tear in your window screen can be easily done with a simple repair kit. These kits usually contain adhesive patches that blend seamlessly with your existing screen material, providing a secure fix.

For larger, but not too severe damage, you can try replacing the screen material altogether, as outlined in our previous blog post on mastering screen replacement.

Calling The Total Screen Guys

Despite your best DIY efforts, sometimes window screen damage requires the professional touch of a screen guy, such as the professional window screen installers at Total Screen.

Situations that warrant professional intervention include bent or broken frames, severely damaged screens that exceed your repair capabilities, or multiple screens in need of repair or replacement at once. Don’t hesitate to call your local screen guys for assistance when the task feels overwhelming or too complex.

Balance DIY Know-How & Professional Support

Knowing when to tackle a window screen repair yourself and when to call in the pros can save you time, money, and frustration. With a little practice, it is possible that you can handle many minor repairs on your own.

However, when you’re out of your depth or when the damage is severe, your local screen guys are always available to support your needs. Reach out to your local window screen repair company for expert advice and assistance.


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