Screen Guys Expertise: Which Window Screen Type Is Best?

With various window screen options on the market, choosing the right screen type for your home can be significant.

Luckily, the Total Screen guys have put together shared their expertise to help you make an informed decision. Here is a short summary of the various kinds of window screen types available.

Window Screen Types Available

Standard Fiberglass Screens

The most commonly utilized option is fiberglass window screens due to their affordability and ease of installation. Fiberglass screens are durable and relatively low maintenance, making them suitable for most homes.

Aluminum Screens

Aluminum screens, though more expensive than fiberglass, provide several advantages. They are sturdier, more rigid, and can withstand various weather conditions. Aluminum screens are ideal for regions with harsh outdoor environments or for those looking for a more robust material.

Replacement Screens

Replacing window screens is a cost-effective way to increase the airflow of your home, while simultaneously keeping out insects and other unwelcome pests. Total Screen offers window screen replacements that can perfectly match your existing window screens.

Solar Screens

Solar screens for windows turn a “too-bright” room into a “just-right” room, while also helping to reduce your home energy bill. Total Screen installs solar window screens in a variety of sun-blocking strengths, and they can even install screens that prevent artificial turf-melting problems.

Security Screens

Security window screens provide enhanced protection for your dwelling, owing to their durable metal construction. Security window screens are virtually impervious to breakage and tampering, helping you feel safer while you enjoy nice windy breezes and hear all the sounds of nature. Total Screen specializes in installing these security screens.

Protective Screens

A protective window screen keeps the interior of your home safe from outdoor elements, such as insects, and birds. Installing protective window screens also allows a home’s inhabitants to feel more comfortable.

Specialty Screens

There are a range of specialty screens designed to address specific concerns like visibility, pet resistance, or solar protection. If you have a particular need that standard screens can’t meet, your local screen guys can guide you to the perfect material.

In Conclusion

The best way to ensure you are choosing the right window screen material is to consult with your local window screen repair company, such as Total Screen. They offer a wide variety of services including installation and repair of various types of window screens.

In the meantime, you can count on The Total Screen guy to always provide expert guidance for your window screen needs. Feel free to contact Total Screen for further assistance.


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