How To Stop Turf From Melting

Artificial turf is an investment, and homeowners should know how to protect their investment when their artificial turf starts melting or burning.

How Does Artificial Turf Burning Happen?

Reflected window light is the most likely culprit for turf melting problems, since windows with Low-E glass can focus a 200-degree laser-like beam of sunlight onto nearby surroundings, including artificial turf.

The melting point of artificial turf is 165 degrees, which means turf can easily melt as a result of the 200-degree reflected sunlight from Low-E window glass.

The solution to protecting your artificial turf is easy: install Tuff Mesh screens to cover the affected windows.

Tuff Mesh window screens will neutralize the effects of the sun, so you’ll no longer need to worry about fires, melting, accidents, or costly turf replacements.

Why Artificial Turf Melts

Artificial turf is designed to withstand exposure to direct sun light, but artificial turf will break down when subjected to the intense heat generated by sun light reflected off nearby Low-E windows.

A Low-E window reflects most of the sunlight back onto the ground, where it has the potential of reaching up to 200 degrees, and those temperatures will cause artificial turf to melt, over time.

Reflected sun light from Low-E windows will effectively turn into a high powered laser beam.

The reflected sun light “laser beam” can burn, melt, or ruin anything made of plastic or vinyl, including artificial turf, which is is made from vinyl.

Tuff Mesh Stops Turf Burn

Since reflected window light is the culprit of turf melting problems, the solution is to install Tuff Mesh window screens over the affected windows.

Tuff Mesh window screens can absorb up to 80% of the incoming sunlight before it has a chance to reflect, and subsequently melt, your artificial turf.

Tuff Mesh acts as a protective shield between your windows and the sun, thereby preventing turf melt from occurring.

Install Tuff Mesh To Stop Turf Burning

Total Screen Company makes it easy to get Tuff Mesh installed on your windows; simply contact us and you’ll have taken the first step towards saving your artificial turf.


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