How Tuff Mesh Eliminates Grass Melting

Artificial grass is a low-maintenance miracle; it never needs watering, or mowing, and it seems to completely resistant to fading.

Despite these advantages, artificial turf is vulnerable to bring melted by reflected light from nearby windows. 

The best way to stop artificial grass melt problems is to use a window screen like Tuff Mesh.

Tuff Mesh window screens effectively absorb the damaging sunlight before it can melt the turf.

How Windows Burn Grass

Even on a temperate day, reflected light from a nearby Low-E window can reach up to 200 degrees, which is above the 165-degree melting point of artificial grass.

These temperatures basically turn normal sun beams into highly-focused laser beams, complete with the ability to melt, or even burn, all variety of plastic and vinyl goods.

In summary, the amplified sunlight reflecting off Low-E windows is how windows burn grass.

“Tuff Mesh” Stops Grass From Melting

Tuff Mesh is a window screen cover which prevents turf melting in two ways:

Tuff Mesh window screens absorb direct sunlight before it reaches the Low-E glass, and then Tuff Mesh screens scatter any remaining reflected sunlight from the Low-E window.

Tuff Mesh’s Absorb-and-Scatter diffusion technique effectively prevents condensed-light beams from melting artificial turf.

In short, we recommend Tuff Mesh as a solution for artificial-turf melt, because it effectively stops turf melt problems, thanks to the absorb-and-scatter technology

Tuff Mesh works because it reduces the intensity of the reflected light by 80 percent.

Tuff Mesh is a set-and-forget solution to artificial turf melting, because it provides year-round protection for your windows, the turf, and any other nearby items made from plastic or vinyl, such as vinyl siding for homes.

With Tuff Mesh screens, your patio and your lawn stay safe from the dangerous effects of reflected-window light.

Screens Prevent Further Grass Melting

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