Screen Doors with Hinges Installed & Repaired

Screen Doors with hinges protect your home from bugs, plus optional automatic-closing makes hinged screen doors ideal for every family member, including kids. Contact Total Screen about hinged-screen doors today.

Hinged Screen Door Examples

View example photos of Total Screen's installation of hinged screen doors. Our screen doors on hinges can increase your home's comfort, while improving its aesthetics at the same time. Contact our Total Screen team today to get a brand-new hinged screen door. 

Screen Doors with Hinges

Hinged Screen Doors swing outward, and our screen doors with hinges offers several color choices to match your aesthetics. Contact Total Screen to get Hinged Screen Door installation, today. Scroll down to see our full set of screen door frames and color choices.

"Prairie" Model 4600 Hinged Screen door, available in these four colors.

This hinged screen door is called "The Prairie", and features a durable, reinforced frame that will serve for decades

"Craftsman" Model 4700 Hinged Screen door, available in these two colors.

The Craftsman, Model 4700, is a screen door with hinges, a metal frame with reinforced lower-half section. Installed with a durable screen-mesh interior that invites airflow, while preventing undesired entry of pests or pets. 

"Vista" Model 4500 Hinged Screen door, available in the following six colors.

This screen door with hinges is called the Vista, Model 4500, and it's an ideal choice for entry-ways or back doors because it allows for the most unobstructed view, hence it's name "Vista".

"Santa Fe" Model 6700 Hinged Screen door, available in these six colors.

Check out the Santa Fe, Model 67000, when you want a screen door with hinges that also features an extra-protective lower-half grate. Pets love the Santa Fe because they can view the outside, and their owners love it because the pet can't scratch through the metal grating on the door.

More Screen Door Information

There are many kind of sliding and swinging screen doors, including screen doors with dog doors. Total Screen Company can install the screen door most suited to your needs. Contact us with your questions, or to schedule your screen door service.

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Total Screen has a variety of sliding screen doors for homes. Please contact us today and we'll get in touch right away.

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