Retractable Awning for Decks

Get Retractable Awnings for your deck, professionally installed by Total Screen.

Total Screen is an authorized installer of retractable awnings for decks, made by KE Outdoor Designs.

Retractable Awnings for Decks - Photo Gallery

Retractable awnings can transform your deck space, and KE Outdoor Designs' makes a variety of models. In our photo gallery, you'll see the various KE retractable patio awnings available. Contact Total Screen today to get your own Retractable Deck Awning. 

Install Retractable Awnings for Decks when you're ready to reclaim your our deck space, featuring retractables from KE Outdoor Designs. Total Screen installs retractable patio awnings which provide shade in less than 60 secondsContact Total Screen today to get your own Retractable Deck Awning, today.


Retractable Awning for Decks

Our Retractable Deck Awnings can transform your home's outdoor space, providing afternoon shade when you need it most. Total Screen can install motorized retractable awning for decks which perfectly compliment your home's exterior.

More Retractable Awnings Information

There are many kind retractable awnings for homes, including motorized retractable awnings, and retractable awnings for pergolas. Total Screen can install retractable awnings suited to your needs. Contact us with your questions, or to schedule your retractable awning installation today.

Contact Us - Retractable Deck Awnings

Total Screen is an authorized and licensed installer of KE Outdoor Designs' industry-leading Retractable Awnings for Patios. We stock and install retractable awnings for patios, decks, and more. Please contact us and tell us about your ideal patio space.

Additional Retractable Awning Options