Sliding Screen Door Replacements

Screen doors will wear down over time, and that makes sense, considering that the purpose of a screen door is to offer seasonal protection from damaging outdoor elements, such as water, wind, and hail.

When you notice holes in your screen, imperfections, corrosion, tears, or the rollers are not functioning properly, then that means it’s time to replace your sliding screen door.

It is possible to replace only the damaged screen, but replacing the entire sliding screen door is a better choice, since it ensures that your door will last longer, and it will increase the perceived value of your home.

Sliding screen door replacements are available in many price ranges, and you can always contact your local screen door installation specialists at Total Screen Company in order to find the best fit for your entryway.

Sliding Screen Door Replacement Options

There are two main types of screen doors that are currently used as replacements for sliding screen doors:

Roll-formed sliding screen doors can serve as a cost-effective screen door replacement, and they are made of a thin-gauge aluminum or steel, with metal roller wheels

Roll-formed sliding screen door replacements will generally wear out sooner, because the thin-gauge frame allows the screws to loosen off the corners with continued use.

Extruded Aluminum sliding screen doors are an upgrade to roll-form doors. They are constructed from a thicker-gauge, tempered aluminum and they often feature higher-durability rollers, for optimal functioning over many years.

Extruded screen doors are more resistant to damage from unforeseen accidents, including when someone tries to walk through the screen while it’s closed.

Extruded aluminum sliding screens also allow you to use screen door locks to secure the door, so you also get additional security benefits with when you replace your sliding screen door with an extruded aluminum screen door.

Buying Replacement Sliding Screen Doors

Whether you choose roll-formed or extruded aluminum sliding screen door replacements, you’re assured a multitude of styles, shapes, sizes and colors from which to choose.

When it’s time to measure your doorway, know that most doors in the US are a standard-size entry which is 36-inches wide by 80-inches tall.

If you’re installing your replacement sliding screen yourself, be sure to carefully measure the precise size of your doorways, in order to make sure you have the correct size when buying replacement sliding screen doors.

Please feel free to use the contact form below if you have any questions or comments for Total Screen Company, or if you need any help when shopping for your sliding screen door replacement.

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