Installing Home Depot Security Screen Doors

Security Starts at Home

Home protection begins right at your front door. Installing security screen doors is an easy way to shield your home from intruders, insects, and outdoor elements. Home Depot offers basic security screen options you can install yourself, but for best results, rely on security screen professionals.

Advantages of Professional Installation

Home Depot sells reputable security screen brands like Unique, Arcada, Grisham, and Titan. But selection is limited. With professional installation from companies like Total Screen, you get guidance selecting the ideal security door for your needs and home style.

We offer extensive style and color options to seamlessly match your décor. Materials like aluminum, steel, and iron ensure durability. And our expert installation results in a secure, custom fit. DIY security screens can leave gaps or improper sealing.

Disadvantages of DIY Security Screens

Installing Home Depot security screens yourself seems convenient. But if you don’t carefully measure or align the frame, you may end up with an ill-fitting door that leaves your home vulnerable.

As security screen specialists, we properly measure your doorway and select the correct product. We also have the right tools to attach the frame securely. A DIY job can result in a loose screen that fails to keep out intruders.

Customization for Security and Style

Security screen doors don’t have to look industrial. We offer customized options to blend seamlessly into your home’s style. Entryways enhanced with wrought iron or designed security doors attractively complement your exterior.

With professional installation, we ensure your new security screen provides protection without detracting from your home’s curb appeal. Improperly fitted DIY screens can look unsightly.

Trust the security screen experts at Total Screen to keep your home and family safe, while enhancing your exterior. Rely on professionals, not DIY, for optimum security screen results. Contact us to schedule your consultation.

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