Benefits of A Patio Screen Door

A home’s patio is the perfect “in-between” space; you can enjoy the outdoors, while still having the protection of being inside. A great way to maximize your patio’s value is to add a Patio Screen Door.

Patio Screen Doors allow you to experience the full effects of nature, since they allow light and sound to pass through. Screen Doors on Patios also shield you from bugs, winds, or other intrusions which can interfere with your otherwise-perfect biome.


Patio Screen Doors for Home

A screened patio can provide guests with leisurely comfort for countless days and nights, and it really is the quickest way to improve any house’s exterior appearance. Adding Patio Screen Doors can also increase your home’s value in multiple ways, and some benefits are more obvious than others.

Screen Doors for Patios are of course attractive, but the versatility they can bring to a home is what makes them so valuable. In addition to allowing pass-through airflow when your patio door is open,  Patio Screen Doors also provide an extra form of security by protecting your doors when they are closed.

Patio Door Screens For Airflow

Energy consumption is always a concern for home owners and renters, so in times of the year when airflow is possible, Patio Screens help reduce the usage of a home’s air conditioner.

In fact, airflow is the primary reason that many people add a Patio-Door Screen in the first place; screen doors save energy costs and boost the overall energy efficiency of a home.


Another benefit of adding a screen door to your patio is that it invites waves of fresh air into your house. With a Patio Screen Door, you can allow clean, fresh air to sweep through each room of your house.

Fresh-air breezes can help to prevent mildew, remove musty odors, and can even eliminate dust or allergens which would have entered through an un-screened patio door. All of these factors can help the home’s occupants to stay healthier, year after year

Sliding Patio Screen Doors Available

Patio Screen Doors are a great, low-cost home improvement. Total Screen Company can install your Patio Screen Door in around 30 minutes, and there are numerous aesthetic options available.

When it’s time to choose your Patio Screen Door, you can pick from a traditional Swinging Screen Door, a panel-based Sliding Screen Door, or even a Retractable Screen Door which virtually disappears when not in use.


Total Screen Company offers a wide selection of Screen Doors for home. Feel free to use the form below to contact us with your questions; we’re here to help you select your perfect Patio Screen Door.

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