Mirage 1750 – List Of Colors Available

Mirage's 1750 Retractable Screen door is available in a variety of colors, suitable to match your home's existing facade. Total Screen is proud to be an authorized Mirage Retractable installer in San Diego County, and we're happy to answer your retractable screen questions

Mirage 1750 – Color Options

Mirage offers an incredible selection of vibrant colors for their 1750 Retractable Screen Door line; you can choose from any of eight Standard Colors, and 18 Diamond Series Colors.

With an array of attractive options in both color collections, you’re sure to find a hue that suits your preference and home’s style. Contact the experts at Total Screen for advice on choosing the right color and transforming your home’s main entryway.

Standard Series Colors

The Standard Colors are perfect for homes that desire an understated, elegant look. The muted, neutral hues work with most exterior color palettes and blend into the background.

The Standard Color options are popular choices for homeowners due to their versatility. Polar White blends seamlessly with most home styles, Exterior Pebble Grey adds a subtle hint of sophistication, while Linen Cream suits traditional architecture. Tudor Brown offers a rich earth tone and Sandalwood conveys a warm, coastal vibe.

Diamond Series Colors

The Diamond Series Colors are also available for an additional cost. The premium Diamond Series hues are even more distinctive and offer more variety, making them a good option if you want your screen door color to make a statement.

Metallic Silver provides a contemporary shine, Sundried Tomato brings a pop of vivid color, and Hartford Green offers an earthy vibe. The 18 colors in this series offer a wide range of options for making a bold design statement.

Choosing the Right Color

The color you choose for your Mirage retractable screen will effectively frame your home’s main entry-way. It’s important to pick a hue that makes you happy every time you walk through your door. The color of your Mirage 1750  should also complement your existing door frame and exterior environment. If you’re unsure about what color is best, be sure to ask the professionals at Total Screen.

Contact Total Screen

With 20 color options for the Mirage 1750 Retractable Screen, finding the perfect tone to match your home’s style is practically guaranteed. To help you select the right color and schedule a free consultation, Contact Total Screen, who is Authorized and Licensed Mirage Retractable dealer.

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