Mirage 3500 for Wide Openings – List of Colors Available

The Mirage 3500 retractable screen door provides a selection of rich, beautiful colors to perfectly complement your home’s exterior.

You can choose any of four Standard Colors, with Custom Color matching also available to help the Mirage 3500 blend seamlessly into your existing color scheme.

Standard Color Options

The Mirage 3500 for Wide Openings comes in these four Standard Exterior Color Choices.

Midnight Black

This deep, dark black makes a dramatic statement on any home. Midnight Black’s dark shade is ideal for modern, contemporary architecture.

Midnight Black Example - 3500 Mirage for Wide Openings
Midnight Black also hides dirt and wear, making it even easier to maintain.

Polar White

A crisp, clean White that integrates subtly into light-colored exteriors. Polar White is the ultimate in clean-looking screen frames.

Polar White Example - Bronze - 3500 Mirage for Wide Openings
Polar White works well with traditional homes and provides a fresh, bright accent.


This warm, natural wood tone pairs beautifully with craftsman bungalows and many Spanish revival styles. Choose Sandalwood if your home features stucco or light-colored walls.

Sandalwood Example - 3500 Mirage for Wide Openings
Sandalwood has an earthy, organic look.


A luxurious metallic bronze that echoes the patina of aged copper. Bronze adds a touch of sophistication and pairs nicely with stone, stucco, and brick facades.

Bronze Example - 3500 Mirage for Wide Openings
Bronze’s finish evokes the natural patina that metal takes on over time.

Custom Color Matching

For those wanting a more customized look, your Mirage 3500 can also be installed in custom color to match your home. Contact Total Screen’s professionals for your free Mirage 3500 consultation; our Total Screen team can help compliment any paint swatch or sample you provide, ensuring your Mirage 3500 seamlessly blends in with your existing exterior color scheme.

Mirage 3500 Retractable in Polar White for Wide Openings and Sliding Doors

Custom matching is great if you want a unique shade like navy blue, deep red, or sage green to integrate into your home’s specific style.

Choosing the Perfect Color

When selecting a color for your Mirage Wide-Opening Retractable, first consider your home’s architectural style and overall color palette.

Mirage 3500 Wide Interior Spaces Easily Divided
Mirage 3500 Retractable in Midnight Black – Wide Interior Spaces Easily Divided

Formal traditional homes tend to look best with subtle neutral shades like Polar White that recede into the background. Bold, dramatic colors like Midnight Black or Bronze may better suit modern minimalist designs.

Mirage 3500 Color Options

The color that you choose should also coordinate well with your existing entry door color. For example, Bronze beautifully complements a warm wood door, and entryways with crisp white paint would pair best with Polar White for their Mirage 3500.

Unsure which color is ideal for your home? Contact the experts at Total Screen. Our screen team can provide personalized advice on selecting the perfect shade to beautifully transform your entryway with a Mirage 3500 retractable screen.



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