Mirage “Horizon” 4800 Motorized Retractable Screens – Information

Mirage’s Horizon 4800 Motorized Retractable Screens are designed specifically for larger spaces. Mirage is a leader in the world of motorized retractable screens, and the Horizon 4800 is their newest innovation.

Mirage Horizon 4800 - Motorized Retractable Screen for Large Spaces
Mirage Horizon 4800 – Motorized Retractable Screen for Large Spaces

The Mirage 4800 motorized retractable screen is perfect for outdoor living spaces, patio enclosures, and garage doors. The 4800 retractable screen boasts a robust aluminum construction, and it features a powder-coat finish that promotes longevity & durability.

Operational Efficiency & Safety

One of the most convenient features of the Mirage H4800 is its motorized operation. The 4800 retractable is powered by a reliable Somfy motor, and it include a remote control for easy operation.

Mirage.Horizon 4800 Motorized Retractable Screen For Home
Mirage.Horizon 4800 – Motorized Retractable Screen For Home

To ensure safety, the Mirage 4800 screen has an auto-stop feature that halts the screen if a person or ojbect is detected underneath. These built-in safety features ensure that your loved ones are always safe when using the Mirage 4800.

Customization & Varieties

Beyond its practicality, the Mirage H4800 motorized retractable screen door also offers a range of aesthetic options, with Standard Colors and Custom Colors available.

Mirage Horizon 4800 Commercial Business Motorized Screens
Mirage Horizon 4800 – Commercial Business Motorized Screens

Your choice of mesh for the Mirage 4800 is equally versatile, and you can choose whether you want a mesh designed for insect control, sun control, privacy, and blackout fabrics. You can even get a Mirage 48000 featuring a transparent vinyl mesh, for the ultimate subtlety.

Mirage 4800 Motorized Retractable Benefits

Choosing a Mirage H4800 motorized retractable screen door brings several advantages:

Living Area Expansion: Mirage H4800 screens can extend your outdoor living spaces, making them more versatile throughout the year.

Protection: The screens provide protection against insects and harmful sun exposure.

Comfort: They aid in creating a comfortable outdoor environment, sheltering you from extreme weather conditions.

• Customized Fit: Total Screen customizes each Mirage screen to exactly fit your home’s opening, ensuring a perfect seal and total protection.

Durability: Motorized retractable screens like the Mirage H4800 are crafted with high-quality components which ensure longevity with minimal issues.

Mirage Horizon 4800 Home Kitchen Screens
Mirage Horizon 4800 – Motorized Home Kitchen Screens

Maintaining A Motorized Retractable Screen

For optimal performance, a few maintenance steps for your Mirage H4800 retractable screen door are suggested:

• Protect the motor from direct contact with elements.

• Clean the screen and housing with warm soapy water and a soft cloth.

• Lubricate the zipper tracks every three months using Mirage Silicone spray lubricant.

• Regularly inspect the screens for any damage and contact your dealer for necessary repairs or replacements.

Mirage Horizon 4800 Commercial Establishment
Mirage Horizon 4800 – Motorized Screen Solutions for Commercial Establishments

Your New Mirage 4800 Retractable

In a nutshell, the Mirage H4800 Motorized Retractable Screen Door presents an excellent solution for large openings. It’s a worthwhile investment that provides convenience, durability, customization, and most importantly, expands your living area while ensuring protection and comfort.

Contact Total Screen

As an Authorized Mirage Retractable Dealer and Installer, the professional screen-installation team at Total Screen is ready to assist with the installation of your new motorized retractable screens. Should you have any questions, or need any further information, feel free to contact us.



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