Mirage 4800 Motorized Retractable – List of Colors Available

Mirage offers a wide selection of colors for the 4800 Retractable Screen Door system to suit any home and style.

You can choose from any of our seven Standard Colors for your new Mirage 4800 Motorized Retractable.

Standard Series Colors

The standard color options provide a durable powder-coated finish that is built to last.

Textured Black

A classic, timeless choice that works with most home styles. Textured Black’s dark shade helps hide dirt and wear, making it low maintenance.


A flat, burnished finish that adds sophistication and elegance. Bronze beautifully complements wood doors and architectural details.


A neutral hue that blends in subtly. Champagne suits homes with light-colored siding and traditional architectural features.


A warm, earthy tone that conveys a serene, laid-back vibe. Tan pairs nicely with stone, brick and stucco exteriors.

Textured White

A crisp, fresh shade of white that recedes into the background. Textured White suits classic and contemporary styles and light-colored exteriors.

Textured Grey

A neutral Grey shade that adds a subtle modern edge. Textured Grey complements most home styles and exterior color palettes.


Classic, timeless White integrates seamlessly with most types of architecture. White helps maximize natural light and helps your screen door blend in.

Custom Color Options

Looking for something different? Mirage also offers the option for custom color powder-coating to suit your personal preference. Contact Total Screen today to inquire about available custom color options for the 4800 system.

Install Your Mirage 4800

Contact Total Screen today to learn more about the available color options for the Mirage 4800 system and how a retractable screen door can enhance your home. The Mirage 4800 system offers benefits like living area expansion, protection, comfort, a custom fit and durability.



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