The Best Screens for Windows

The best window screens for your home will depend on your needs. Do you want: Increased Airflow, Reduced Room Heat, or 'Turf Protect'ion? Call Total Screen today and we'll help you get the best screens for your windows.

At Total Screen, we provide a range of high-quality window screen solutions designed to meet your unique needs.

Window Screen Replacement Options

There are variety of window-screen types, and in this article we'll discuss four of them.

Fiberglass Mesh Window Screens

Fiberglass mesh window screens are a standard choice for homeowners seeking a cost-effective barrier against flying insects and debris. 

These screens allow fresh air to circulate through your home while keeping unwanted pests at bay. 

Total Screen Window Screen Replacement for Sale

Before: a faded, UV-burnt fiberglass mesh screen. After: a brand-new, polyvinyl carbonate mesh screen.

Total Screen's fiberglass mesh window screens are constructed from durable polyvinylcarbonate fibers, and our frames can be color-matched to your existing window-frame color.

Tuff Mesh Window Screens

For those requiring a more robust solution, Tuff Mesh window screens offer increased strength and security.

Total Screen Prevents Turf Melt with Tuff-Mesh Screens

Demonstrating a Screen with Tuff-Mesh

These Tuff Mesh window screens are ideal for preventing larger animals or potential intruders from entering your home through windows.

Total Screen's Tuff Mesh window screens provide a reliable and long-lasting barrier without compromising on ventilation.

Solar Screens for Windows

In regions with high sun exposure, Solar Screens for Windows are an excellent investment. 

A too-bright room without a window screen.

These specialized sun-blocking screens are designed to completely absorb a large portion of sunlight, reducing heat energy and glare from entering your home. 

By installing Total Screen's solar window screens, you can enjoy a more comfortable indoor environment while lowering your energy costs. 

Outward Visibility with a solar screen

A significantly-cooler room results from 80% Solar Screens.

Our Solar Screens come in various sun-blocking strengths, allowing you to customize the amount of light entering your space.

'Turf Protect' Window Screens

Artificial turf is an increasingly popular landscaping choice, but artificial turf can be susceptible to damage from reflected sunlight.

To prevent your artificial lawn from melting, Total Screen offers 'Turf Protect' window screens.

Turf Melt Caused by Bare Window Reflection

Our innovative 'Turf Protect' window screens are specifically designed to scatter reflected sunlight, thus protecting your turf from unsightly burns and discoloration. 

By installing 'Turf Protect' window screens before replacing damaged artificial turf, you can ensure a long-lasting, attractive turf lawn.

Tuff Mesh Window Screens Prevent Turf Melt

Professional Installation

Once you have decided which screens you need, it's crucial to have your window screens professionally installed.

Total Screen's experienced technicians have the expertise to accurately measure, fabricate, and install your window screens, guaranteeing a perfect fit. 

Total Screen's helpful screen installer at work

Total Screen's helpful window screen installers are here to save your turf

Our team has served homeowners across San Diego for over two decades, providing window screen solutions and exceptional customer service.

Call Total Screen Today

Investing in the right window screens can significantly enhance your home's comfort, efficiency, and security.

Whether you need protection from insects, heat reduction, or artificial turf preservation, Total Screen has the perfect screen solution for you.

Click here to Call Us today to discuss your window-screen needs, or fill out our short questionnaire below. 


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