Best Retractable Screen Doors for French Doors

If you're seeking the best retractable screen for your french doors, we recommend the Mirage 1750. Total Screen is an authorized installer of Mirage Retractable Screens

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Retractable Screens for French Doors

Mirage 1750 Double Retractable Screen Door
Mirage 1750 Retractable Screen Door – Installed on Outswinging French Doors

First of all, let’s clarify what a “French Door” is. French doors have two sides that open to the left and right, allowing you more space when entering or exiting. Installing a retractable screen door on your french doors is a great way to improve your gate-way!

A high-quality Mirage Retractable Screen for your double doors will provide insect protection, increase airflow into your home, and allow for unobstructed views when looking outside from within your home.

Challenges of Screening Double Doors

Mirage Retractable Screen for Double French Doors
Mirage 1750 Retractable Screen for Double French Doors

Homeowners often struggle to find screens that fit double doors, especially French doors. Most swinging or sliding screen doors are designed for single openings, not the wide span of double doors.

Retractable screens like the Mirage 1750 model are ideal for double doors and French doors. The Mirage double door retractable screen can extend the full width needed and then retract completely, when it is not in use.

Mirage 1750 Exterior View
Mirage 1750 Retractable Screen Door – Covers Double Door Spaces

Mirage Retractables can be mounted on either the exterior or interior of the doors, depending on the homeowner’s preference. Interior mounting leaves the aesthetics of the exterior doors untouched, and exterior mounting options include a variety of frame colors to match your existing home’s decor.

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Style and Function

Mirage 1750 Interior View
Mirage 1750 Retractable Screens offer Exceptional Outward Viability

Mirage Retractable screen doors for French Doors come in various mesh strengths which can be customized to your home’s needs. For example, heavy-duty fiberglass mesh is designed for durability while still offering translucency. Darker colored mesh can help block glare on sunny days.

Best Outswing French Door Screens

Trusted brands like Mirage Retractables make screen doors for both inswing and outswing French doors. Mirage retractables can cover spaces up to 12-feet across, assuring any type of French Doors can be covered by a Mirage retractable.

Mirage 3500 Wide Opening Screens
Mirage 3500 – Wide Opening Screens For Double Outswing Doors

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