Artificial Turf Burn Solution

Is your turf lawn streaked and discolored? Total Screen has a solution that STOPS artificial turf burn. Click here to call us & ask for ''Turf Protect'ion' screens to save your lawn from dangerous window-burn reflections.

Many homeowners don't realize that energy-efficient windows can destroy artificial turf lawns, since the damage occurs over a period of months.

Turf-Melt Explained

When the sun hits a Low-E window, the energy is redirected onto your turf, melting it.

The problem is that Low-E windows can magnify the sun's heat onto artificial turf lawns - a phenomenon known as "window burn".

"Window-burn" can melt your artificial turf, leading to unsightly streaks and potential safety hazards.

Artificial Turf Burn Solution

Total Screen has a solution to combat the perils of window burn: 'Turf Protect' window screens.

When you get our 'Turf Protect' screens installed, you'll immediately notice the benefits they bring to your home:

  1. Protection: 'Turf Protect' screens stop the burn at the source by covering the reflective Low-E window glass. 
  2. View: 'Turf Protect' screens maintain your outward visibility, unlike window films which can make things look hazy.
  3. Energy: With less sunlight entering your home, the summer months will be cooler, leading to money saved on your AC bill.

When sun hits a 'Turf Protect' screen, energy is absorbed and diffused, saving your turf.

Click here to get 'Turf Protect' screens installed today; you'll protect your turf investment, maintain clear views, and reduce your energy costs.

Protect Before You Replace

It's important to understand that Low-E window glass is the most-probable cause of your window-burn issue.

If you choose to install new turf without first addressing the window-burn issue, then you'll see identical damage occur on your newly installed turf.

Turf Melt Problem - Before

Turf Melt is caused by sunlight reflecting off Low-E window glass

To avoid making this costly mistake, here's the correct order of operations for preventing artificial turf burn:

Step 1: Call Total Screen & get 'Turf Protect' screens installed

First, click here to call Total Screen for a free measurement appointment; we'll take measurements of your affected windows, then we'll make & install your new custom-made 'Turf Protect' screens.

Once your windows are covered with 'Turf Protect' screens, you're clear to contact your turf company, and order your turf replacement.

Example of Streaked Artificial Turf Due to Window Reflection

Imagine paying to replace your turf, only to have this same exact damage reoccur after 6 weeks.

Step 2: Call your Turf Company & get artificial turf replacement

Tell your turf company that you've fixed the window-burn issue, and you're ready to have a new turf installation to replace the damaged turf.

That's all you have to do; complete those two simple steps, and your artificial turf burn problem is solved.

Exclusive Offer for San Diego Residents

Total Screen understands that dealing with turf melting issues can be stressful, and that's why we've created a special offer for home owners in San Diego:

When you invest in 'Turf Protect' screen installation by Total Screen, you can deduct your total window-screen purchase price from the cost of your turf replacement, when you choose from our list of Approved Turf Installers.

Total Screen works closely with the leading artificial-turf installers in San Diego, which allows us to offer this deal to our screen customers in San Diego County.

This deal ensures you're not just solving an artificial turf burn problem – you're making a smart investment in your home's future by preventing future damage.

Turf Melt Problems are caused by window reflection from low-e windows

To take advantage of this money-saving deal, simply click here to call Total Screen, and tell us that you want 'Turf Protect' screens installed.

When you're ready for your turf installation, simply pick any of our Approved Turf Installers and they'll apply your Turf-Protect screen purchase toward the cost of your turf re-installation.

Why Choose Total Screen?

Total Screen has the knowledge, partnerships, and specialized products to comprehensively solve your artificial turf burn issues.

In addition to our experience with screens, Total Screen has cultivated relationships with reputable turf installation companies across San Diego. 

Total Screen installer at work installing Tuff Mesh window screen

Total Screen installer at work installing a 'Turf Protect' window screen

Trust Total Screen to fix your window-burn issue, and then we'll connect you with a trusted turf installer from our network.

Save Your Turf, Today

Don't let your artificial turf burn under the reflected light of your Low-E windows. 

Total Screen 'Turf Protect'ion Before and After

Example of a house with turf-melt problems, and then an after-image with new screens & turf.

Click here to contact Total Screen; we will assess your situation and provide a tailored solution to protect your investment.

Don't settle for half-baked solutions like window film, or repeated turf replacement – Total Screen understands the full picture of turf protection, from start to finish.

Contact us now and say goodbye to artificial turf burn for good!


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