Retractable Screen Door Repair

Get retractable screen door repair by Total Screen. If your retractable screen could use some maintenance, contact Total Screen's professional retractable screen door repair pros today.

Total Screen Service Technitian Repairing a Retractable Screen

Repairing Retractable Screen Doors

Retractable screen doors are a blend of convenience and aesthetics, offering an unobstructed view and fresh air while keeping out unwanted pests. Retractable screen doors require regular maintenance in order to maintain their sophisticated internal mechanisms.

Repairing a Retractable Screen Door

Total Screen is an expert in screen door repair solutions, and in this article, we’re outlining the simple DIY maintenance steps you can take, in order to to extend the life of your retractable screen doors.

Keeping Your Screen in Top Shape

It’s especially important to clean the bottom track of your retractable screen, in order to prevent debris accumulation. Use a vacuum with a soft brush attachment to assure you avoid scratching the finish of your screen’s housing.

Annually, clean the tracks, housing, and mesh with warm, soapy water. Following the cleaning, lubricate the tracks with high-quality silicone spray to reduce wear and tear.

To prevent accidental damage from people walking into the screen mesh, we recommend placing a visibility decal on the screen, ideally at eye height. This simple step can be easily performed by homeowners, enhancing safety and screen visibility.

Professional Repair Services by Total Screen

While DIY maintenance is crucial, some issues require a professional touch.Total Screen’s technicians handle all kinds of retractable screen repairs, ensuring your retractable screen door operates smoothly and efficiently. If your screen is not retracting properly, that can indicate there are tension issues in the recoil mechanism. Perhaps your screen is coming off the track, which can be caused by internal track problems.

Retractable Screen repair

Total Screen’s Comprehensive Approach

Total Screen’s approach to retractable screen door repair encompasses both reactive repairs and proactive maintenance. Our retractable screen repair services include rescreening, replacement of worn parts like wheels and handles, and adjustments for peak performance. We also provide specialized hardware replacements, ensuring every component of your screen door is in perfect working order.

Mirage Retractable Screen Systems

Empowering Homeowners with Knowledge

In addition to offering professional repair services, Total Screen believes in empowering homeowners. Understanding common issues and basic maintenance steps can help prevent major repairs and ensure the longevity of your retractable screen doors. For example, training pets to recognize the screen door, and regular inspections of tracks can significantly reduce the need for repairs.

Mirage 3500 Cover Wide Spaces With Retractable Screens
Mirage M3500 Retractable Screen Door

Trust Total Screen

At Total Screen, we combine our professional repair services with actionable DIY tips, ensuring your retractable screen doors remain in excellent condition year-round. Whether it’s a minor adjustment or a significant repair, our team is equipped to handle all your screen door needs. Contact us today to experience the Total Screen difference in maintaining and repairing your retractable screen doors.


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