Outdoor Patio Screens Replacement

Revitalize your outdoor patio space with our durable screen replacements, capable of withstanding challenging environments. Contact Total Screen to transform your patio with screens that combine resilience with unobstructed views.

It’s Time Replace Patio Screens

In the heart of the Borrego dessert, where the sun blazes and the winds gust, outdoor patio screens are often exposed to extreme temperatures & adverse weather. A Borrego homeowner called Total Screen recently, telling us that eight years of desert sun had taken a toll on their home’s outdoor patio screens.

Outdoor Patio Screens Needing Repair
We repair torn and damaged patio screens, like this one.

Precision, Durability, and Aesthetics

The Total Screen team began with a thorough removal of the old, weather-beaten mesh, ensuring that the space was ready for a fresh start. Precision is the key with patio screen replacement; each panel of the new mesh is cut and installed on-site, in order to ensure it fits into the existing framework. Our patio screen installation process is fine-tuned to address the rigors of desert living, and that includes the addition of robust tubing to ensure the mesh remains taut, even amid Borrego Springs’ notorious winds.

Outdoor Patio Screen - Removing the old mesh

Custom Craftsmanship

This project was unique, featuring several full-size screen panels, and there was also a hinged screen door, plus several custom-sized diagonal screens, each being tailored to the homeowner’s patio space. We re-screened each of the panels and the outdoor patio screens were stretched uniformly taught.

Outdoor Patio Screen - Installing New Hinged Patio Screen Door

The Finishing Touch

After we finished adding new mesh to the frames, we reinstated the metal screen coverings, thus providing an extra layer of protection and a finished look that speaks volumes of our commitment to both security & style. The homeowner’s reaction? A blend of relief and joy, as she admired the transformation, confident in her patio’s new-found resilience.

Allow Us To Exceed Your Expectations

We were delighted when we received positive homeowner feedback on the work we’d completed. She highlighted our newly-installed screens’ superior strength, and she liked how they blended into her patio’s aesthetic. We feel that these kinds of positive reviews are a testament to Total Screen’s dedication to quality and customer satisfaction. 

Total Screen isn’t just about installing screens; it’s about enhancing lifestyles. Whether it’s shielding your space from the relentless desert elements, or simply giving your outdoor patio area a refresh, our screens provide durability, functionality, and elegance. If you’re looking to fortify your own oasis in Borrego Springs or beyond, remember Total Screen for outdoor patio screens and screen replacement services.


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