Mirage 1750 Retractable Screen Door – For Single or Double Doors

Retractable screen doors like Mirage's 1750 are a great retractable screen for front doors and patio doors, and even french doors. Total Screen is an authorized Mirage Retractable Screens installer in San Diego, and we're ready to answer your retractable screen questions

Mirage’s Retractable for Single & Double Doors

The Mirage 1750 retractable screen door is an optimal retractable screen solution, suitable for both single & double-door applications.

Mirage 1750 Retractable Screen Door
Can you spot the Mirage 1750 Retractable Screen Door in this photo?

This premiere Mirage retractable screen is not only a barrier against insects; it’s a fresh air gateway for your home, promoting energy efficiency and an overall-cooler living space.

Contact the screen professionals at Total Screen for more information about how you can get a Mirage Retractable Screen for your home.

Mirage 1750 Retractable Benefits

Insect Protection – A Retractable Screen effectively prevents insects from entering your home.

Customized Fit – Each Mirage Retractable screen is precisely cut and size by Total Screen to properly and precisely fit your door opening.

Convenience – Mirage Retractables are there when you need them, and they tuck away when not in use.

Fresh Air – Adding a Mirage Retractable screen door is a great way to bring fresh air in to your home.

Energy Savings – By allowing natural ventilation, the screen can reduce the need for air conditioning, thereby saving on utility bills.

Mirage 1750 Retractable Screen Door - Brick Front Entry
Mirage 1750 Retractable Screen Door – Matching Finish to Existing Door

Compatibility and Warranty

When it comes to compatibility, the Mirage 1750 retractable screen door is a preferred choice among homeowners. Its ability to fit into single doors, sliding doors, and French or double doors is appreciated.

A significant highlight of the Mirage 1750 is the limited-lifetime warranty that comes with it, covering all components, except the mesh. The 1750’s features a quiet door-rolling mechanism, which is reinforced with brass bushings to ensures a longer lifespan.

Mirage 1750 Interior View
Mirage 1750 Retractable Screen Door – Outward Viewing Is Easy

Size and Aesthetics

The Mirage retractable screen door can accommodate sizes up to 64 inches wide and 108 inches high, providing options for various doorways. Beyond functionality, Mirage’s 1750 Retractable Screen Door also offers aesthetic choices with a variety of Standard colors and Diamond Series colors.

Mirage’s 1750 Retractable Screen Door features two mesh options. The Standard fiberglass mesh is great for most home’s needs, while the TuffScreen polyester mesh option caters specifically to households with pets.

Mirage 1750 Exterior View
Mirage 1750 Retractable Screen Door – Covers Double French Door Openings

Measuring Your Doorframe

Selecting the perfect Mirage retractable screen door requires accurate measurements of your doorframe. Here’s a handy guide on how to collect the necessary details for your doorway:

Mirage 1750 How To Measure
Mirage 1750 How To Measure Your Door Frame

Door width – Measure across the broadest part of the door opening from one inside frame to the other. This measurement will determine the necessary width of your screen. Common measurements for Door Width are 44″, 55″, and 64″

Door height – Measure from the floor up to the top of the inside of your door frame. This measurement will establish the height, or maximum height for bifold/sliding doors, of your screen. Common measurements for Door Height are 83″, 98″ and 108″

These measurements will give you a clear idea of the dimensions needed for your Mirage retractable screen door. If you’re uncertain about your measurements, give the Total Screen team a call and we can help you out.

Mirage 1750 Retractable Screens

Mirage 1750 Double Retractable Screen Door
Mirage 1750 Retractable Screen Door – Installed on French Doors

In conclusion, the Mirage 1750 retractable screen door integrates protection, customization, convenience, ventilation, and energy savings into one practical solution. No matter the type of doorway in your home, this retractable screen door model will prove to be a useful addition.

Contact Total Screen

Total Screen is an Authorized Mirage Retractable Dealer and Installer in San Diego. Our team of screen professionals is available to install your new Mirage retractable screen door. Please contact us with any questions or concerns. We’re always happy to provide ready answers and assist you throughout your screen door journey.


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