What is A Hideaway Screen Door?

Roll screen doors are also known as “hideaway screen doors” or retractable screen doors. These are a popular screen door choice for homes because they provide protection from insects, they allow cross-ventilation, and they are easy to install with the help of the screen door specialists at Total Screen Company.

Purchasing roll screen and retractable screen doors gives you flexibility; they can be installed on virtually any entryway, and since they retract into their housing, a retractable roll-screen door will virtually disappear when it’s not in active use

What Are Roll Screen Doors?

Roll screen doors are generally made of a flexible mesh which can retract into a vertical tube-shaped housing, mounted onto one side of the door frame.

Retractable and Roll Screen Doors have the ability to horizontally retract or to extend in your doorway, and in this closed position, they effectively act similarly to traditional sliding screen door panels.

When it’s time to open a retractable screen door, the occupant simply lifts the door’s handle upwards, which triggers a mechanism which retracts the whole screen door mesh into a vertical container on the side of the doorway.

Similar to various other types of screen doors, roll screens or retractable units help to quickly increase the value of your house, and they are available in many of the top styles, colors, formats and shapes.

Roll Out Screen Door Benefits

The benefit to the roll screen door is you can store it when you’re not using it by simply rolling it into the built-in compartment that is attached to your door frame, and then roll it out anytime if you need the screen protection.

More roll out screen door benefits for your home include their durability, and because it’s not necessary to use them all of the time, it means you can preserve them more, so that you won’t have to replace them nearly as often, or worry about frequent repairs.

Install Roll Screen Door at Home

With a few minutes, and also standard tools to help, it’s relatively simple for you to install your roll screen door at home if you follow the instructions by attaching it to the frame of your door securely with the screws and fasteners, plus, there are many online tutorials and guides online, or you can always have a professional take care of it for you.

Please use the contact form to email any questions you have so the process of shopping for and installing your roll screen door is fast and easy with the Total Screen Company.


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