How to Replace a Window Screen

The screen is vulnerable to many things, and it may need to be replaced if torn, cut, or split past the point of repair, yet the process for how to replace a window screen is not hard, and in fact, it’s relatively simple when you have some instructions.

Protection is the top function of your screen, so when it can’t perform properly, it leaves you open to intrusions from water, winds or hail, pests or insects, and intruders who try to enter without permission, so the main benefit for its replacement is the safety and security it provides you when fully functional, which is well worth it.

How to Replace Window a Screen

Before you begin to install your new screen, it’s necessary to remove the existing or initial material from the frame in order to replace it, or in some cases, only pieces of it remain, but either way, you need to clear it away, then clean the frame so it’s prepared for the transfer.

Remember to carefully measure to purchase a replacement that fits, and stretch that, so it covers the entire frame by securing it with its spline, the thin plastic that holds the screen in place, so it won’t move, slide around, or loosen out of the frame.

Reasons To Replace A Window Screen

When your screens are off or broken with no defense against outside elements or those intrusions mentioned earlier, your house is left wide open to several threats, and that is why you want to replace a window screen fairly quickly.

Even though it may seem easy to switch it yourself, sometimes it helps if you hire a professional, so you won’t have to worry about it, and so that you know it has been replaced securely.

Hire Professionals to Replace Your Window Screens

The process for a proper replacement is not always that easy, and it’s best for you to hire professionals to replace your window screen, ensuring it functions the way you want it to, without any room for error or mistakes to interfere with the protection it has to provide for you.

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