Window Screen Frame Replacements

There can be numerous situations that may cause a frame to require upgrades or to need to be replaced, such as accidents, bent parts, loose parts, wear, structural problems, warp, or many other scenarios, however, it’s not possible to fix or repair window screen frames, so replacing them is necessary.

Whatever is causing you to replace your frame, you can save either time, money, or both because Total Screen Company is your solution for all replacement options, and we will help you to select the absolute best window screen frame replacement for your situation.

Window Screen Frame Replacement Options

Each window screen frame has a construction that’s similar in format to the composition of the screen itself, the frame usually made out of wood, metal, or aluminum, and the spline, which is the thin plastic piece that holds the screen in a certain position so it won’t move, slide around, or come loose.

Replacement of the frame allows you to choose new material for it because when it’s replaced, the initial material is thrown away, but it’s wise to make sure your window is compatible with the new material, so it’s not prone to further damages.

Reasons To Replace Window Screen Frames

As mentioned, there are several things that lead to a window screen replacement, yet it’s usually due to outside elements that cause wear, including excessive moisture or humidity, and these conditions can eventually cause the frame to split too, so when that is the case, a replacement is the best way to restore the screen’s functions.

Because the screen’s frame is made of replaceable materials, it’s feasible to fix those or replace them as necessary, however, materials for its screen vary from mesh to metal, so when you have to reinsert or reattach it, the process can become more complicated, and it’s best to have a professional replace it, so you know it fits properly, safely, and securely.

Get Professional Window Screen Replacement

When it’s time to purchase a window frame for your screen, it’s always easiest to have it replaced for you, and a professional window screen replacement expert from Total Screen Company is ready to help whenever it’s most convenient for you.

Please feel free to use the contact form below if you have any questions or to request some more information about selection of the frame or the replacement process.



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