Choosing Screen Window Replacements

Replacement window screens are an important investment for any homeowner. Window screens help keep pests out, while allowing fresh air to circulate through your home. There exist many window screen replacement options on the market, so how do you choose the right window screen replacements for your home?

Window Screen Installer
Window screen installer checks the fit of a replacement window screen panel.

In this article, we’ll discuss some important factors to consider when selecting replacement window screens.

Screen Window Replacement Options

First, consider the type of window screen replacements you need. There are generally two different kinds of traditional window screen material: Mesh Window Screens, and Metal Window Screens.

When you want to stop intruders from entering your windows, a screen with a metal mesh is your safest option, because it is tougher to cut, or tear;  many intruders retreat when they see metal window screens, without even trying test the screen’s resolve.

Imagine seeing this guy on your front lawn. You'd want a metal-mesh security screen.
Window screens with metal mesh are effective at keeping out larger unwanted animals, such as deer.

Reasons To Replace Screen Windows

Another benefit for new screens is their effective protection from outside elements, including pollen, water, & insects. For those everyday kinds of things, fiberglass mesh window screens work great.

The mesh screens allow you to hear, see, and feel some of the best aspects of the outdoors. A well-screened home can bring the benefits of the outdoors, while still keeping you safe inside.

Replace your window screen mesh regularly, in order to prevent pests from gaining entry to your home
Keep flying pests outside where they belong. Make sure you replace your window screens regularly.

Screen Window Replacement Near You

Your screens can be installed today, if you contact screen professionals at Total Screen. Feel fee to use the screen resources on this website to help you find out exactly what kinds of window screen replacements you may require.

Screen Installation Professionals at Total Screen
When you see the Total Screen truck, you’ll know your window screens are in good hands.

Any time that’s convenient for you, feel free to contact us with questions or to request some more information via the form below, so we can provide the perfect screen window replacement near you.



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