3 Reasons To Replace Window Screens

Because many situations can cause a window screen to need to be replaced for you to feel safe and protected, the expert professionals here at Total Screen Company have put together this comprehensive list of the top three reasons to replace window screens.

The security aspects of window screens remain the top motivation for purchasing them, but it may actually surprise you to see some of these other contributing factors, and it may also help you determine what specific type of screen you need for your house’s windows too, so here they are in order, leading to #1.

Reason #3 to Replace Window Screens: Upgrade

Window screens need to be replaced when those screens wear out, which happens every so often from years of use as they become worn, torn, or they lose some of their parts and stop functioning properly, but sometimes people choose to upgrade for protection.

Mesh window screens for some situations seem to be fine, especially if those have no threats from intruders or any cases of extreme temperatures or outside elements, however, many opt to increase the security or features to be proactive, so for these cases, metal security window screens work to prevent intruders and withstand heavy water or hail, while sun or solar screens can lower the temperatures in heat waves.

Reason #2 to Replace A Window Screen: Relocation

Purchasing a new house requires new screens for the new location’s windows in order to accommodate sizes for them, but in some cases if the sizes of the windows are identical to the former house’s, it’s possible to transfer them.

Relocation is the time to upgrade also if necessary so you won’t need to or want to worry about it later, and so you have the top features to protect your house even more effectively.

Reason #1 For Replacing  Window Screens: Damage

When it encounters scenarios of increased impacts or catastrophes, the screen then officially needs to be replaced, and that is the case when it’s cut or hit, bent from the frame, has holes in it that interfere with its functions, or won’t open or close anymore.

Please feel free to use the form below if you are needing new screens or you want to replace yours, and Total Screen Company is here to answer your questions, plus, help you to select and to install your next window screens.



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