How To Fix Melted Artificial Turf

When artificial turf is burned or melted, it can not be repaired, and it must be replaced.

Before you replace melted artificial turf, it’s important to first identify and fix the reason your turf burned in the first place.

Most artificial turf melting occurs as a result of reflected sunlight from Low-E window glass.

The solution to turf melt is to install Tuff Mesh screens over any windows which reflect sunlight onto your turf.

Why Artificial Turf Melts

Because most artificial turf is made of vinyl, it melts when exposed to extreme temperatures.

Low-E glass windows can reflect a laser-beam of sun light at temperatures exceeding 200 degrees, and that is hot enough to burn any artificial turf in its path.

This reflected window light can also melt all varieties of plastic or vinyl items it encounters, regardless of whether outside temperatures seem to be mild or average.

Fixing Burned Artificial Turf

It is not possible to fix, restore, or to repair artificial turf after it has melted or burned, so it needs to be replaced whenever damage occurs.

Prevention is the the only defense against burned turf, and that’s why we recommend installing Tuff Mesh on your affected windows before you replace the burned artificial turf.  

If you replace your melted artificial turf without first addressing the actual source of the burning problem, then your newly-replaced artificial turf will soon shown signs of similar burning, thus necessitating another turf replacement.

How To Stop Melting Artificial Turf

As we’ve learned, it’s simply not possible to repair artificial turf after it has been burned.

However, it is possible to stop melting artificial turf by using Tuff Mesh, and Total Screen Company makes it easy to have these screens installed, thus ensuring your turf is always safe from the risks of reflected sun light.

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