This Building Melts Cars

What may sound as if it was written with intentions to entertain sci-fi fans is actually a real event for people who tried to drive by the towering skyscraper in London, 20 Fenchurch Street, only to find out it’s reflective light was capable of burning their vehicles.

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The unique office tower features 37 stories and it has a curved exterior, earning it the nickname of the “Walkie-Talkie”, but that name has been replaced to represent the effects of its construction, so it is now referred to as the “Walkie Scorchie”, and it can happen to your car in your home too, which is why it’s important to use Tuff Mesh to prevent burning parts.

How Buildings Can Melt Cars

When the sun hits some outside windows that use, or they have been made of Low-E glass for construction, the light intensifies up to massive temperatures, and then it reflects off the windows, either melting or burning whatever it encounters.Simplified Illustration of London Building which Melts Cars

Reflected light has potential to ruin, melt, or burn all varieties of vehicles or those parts, including cloth roofs, vinyl side mirrors or any plastic components, and in this particular case, it happened from approximately 1,000 feet away, so you can think about how vulnerable your car is when sitting close to your house.

The London Building That Melts Cars

Protective fins were subsequently installed to the tower in London to fix the problem of its reflective light, perhaps to cool off the fiery responses from the people whose vehicles were burnt, and it is now used as an excellent example of how to use screens to prevent the light from reaching extreme temperatures before it reflects.

The process to fix those windows were costly and extensive for every person responsible for the construction or maintenance of the London building that melts cars, however, it’s much easier to install Tuff Mesh in your house to prevent the problem so you never have to worry about replacing any car parts.

Tuff Mesh Prevents Melting Cars

As you shop for your options to protect vehicles, or your property from burning, it can help for you to remember Tuff Mesh prevents melting cars effectively for you and it’s the safest option currently available, plus, it’s convenient to purchase and install when you order from Total Screen Company.

Please use the contact form below to ask questions or for more information about how Tuff Mesh and the Total Screen Company can help you protect all of your cars whenever it is convenient for you.


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