4 Reasons to Get Motorized Retractable Patio Screens

Motorized retractable patio screens expand your outdoor space; get effortless sun management at the push of a button, achieve year-round comfort by blocking pests, and maintain your view with up to 97% visibility. Click here to call Total Screen today and get a motorized retractable screen for your home.

Benefits of Motorized Patio Screens

In sun-soaked San Diego, homeowners with too-hot patios are choosing to install motorized patio screens.

Motorized retractable screens are installed over patio openings, and they contain a retractable UV-blocking mesh that is lowered and raised with a remote control.

Based on convenience alone, it's easy to see why San Diego home owners are getting motorized patio retractables, and here are four reasons we think you'll love them too.

1. You'll Use Your Patio More Often

When sunlight starts heating up your patio, you can simply lower your retractable patio shade to block the sunlight until it passes.

Since the shade can be lowered in seconds with a wireless remote control, you always have control over your patio's temperature throughout the day.

After the sun transits away from your patio, simply raise your retractable patio shade again, all while enjoying your cooler patio space.

Total Screen offers free measurement appointments; click here to call us today so we can discuss your ideal motorized shade solution.

2. You're Always In Control

Your patio screen's motor is activated with a wireless remote control, so you can control your patio shade from anywhere in your home.

Motorized retractable patio screens offer unparalleled convenience, allowing you to instantly manage sunlight, privacy, & insect control. 

Total Screen installs trusted motorized-retractable brands, such as Sun Control & Mirage, providing you with easy control over your patio's sunlight, privacy, & pests.

When you call Total Screen to install a motorized retractable screen for your patio, you'll know you're getting a shade solution that will last for decades.

3. You Get Full Outward Visibility

Motorized retractable patio screens offer a perfect balance of outward visibility and energy efficiency for your home.

Motorized patio screens utilize a UV-blocking mesh which absorbs sunlight and heat, while still allowing you to see outward through your patio screen. 

A motorized retractable screen system can improve your daily home living, while also adding a touch of sophistication to your home's exterior.

4. You Can Install It Over Sliding Doors

Depending on your patio space, you may choose to shade only your patio doors, instead of the whole patio itself. 

For patios with sliding glass doors, a motorized retractable screen is a great way to facilitate whole-home cooling.

Total Screen: Your Screen Solution

Ready to make your home cooler with motorized retractable patio screens?

Total Screen's professionals are ready to guide you through your options for maximizing your outdoor living space.

Happy Home Owners

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