What is A Retractable Screen Door?

Total Screen is San Diego's leading installer of retractable screens by Mirage Retractable Screen Systems.

Mirage Retractable Screens Pivot Handle

Mirage retractable screens are available in single-door retractable & double door retractable configurations, and they can cover openings up to 28 feet wide.

In short, a retractable screen door by Mirage is the perfect choice for front doors, patio doors, and French doors.

Retractable Patio Screens

Key Benefits of Retractable Screens:

  1. Insect Protection: Keep pesky bugs out while letting fresh air in. Mirage retractable screens provide an effective barrier against insects.
  2. Custom Fit: Total Screen installs your Mirage retractable screen door to ensure a perfect fit for your specific door opening.
  3. Convenience: Mirage retractables are there when you need them, and they retract out of sight when not in use. Enjoy unobstructed views and easy access.
  4. Energy Savings: By allowing fresh air to naturally ventilate your home, a retractable screen door can reduce the need for air conditioning, lowering your energy bills.
  5. Enhanced Luxury: Retractable screens add a touch of luxury and convenience to your home, improving your overall living experience .
Mirage 1750 Exterior View

Mirage 1750 Retractable Screen Door - Covers Double Door Spaces

A Variety of Retractable Screen Options

In addition to Mirage retractable screens for doors, Total Screen also offers the Mirage H4800 - a motorized, vertically-retracting exterior screen.

This innovative product allows you to lower a sun-blocking screen via remote control, making it easy to manage sun exposure in the mornings and afternoons.

Mirage 4800 Motorized Retractable

A Remote-Control Retractable Screen Installed On a Home Garage

As San Diego's authorized Mirage retractable screen installer, Total Screen is here to help you find the perfect retractable screen solution for your home. 

We offer free measurement appointments and expert installation services to ensure a flawless fit and smooth operation.

Mirage 3500 Cover Wide Spaces With Retractable Screens

Mirage 3500 Cover Wide Spaces With Retractable Screens

Experience the many benefits of Mirage retractable screen doors for yourself.

Click here to call Total Screen today to schedule your free estimate, or simply fill out of short contact-form below; take the first step towards enhancing your home with these innovative retractable screens.


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