Sliding Screen Door Latchs and Lock Options

Most screen doors are designed to accept replaceable locks and latches, and Total Screen Company’s screen door repair specialists are here to answer common questions about screen-door lock-replacement.

Even the most durable screen door latch will eventually wear out over time, so it’s helpful to understand what to expect from the screen door latch-replacement process.

Traditional doors use either knobs or handles, but screen doors are different because they typically use either a recessed hand grip, or they feature a latch-and-lock design.

Latch-and-Pull Screen Door Locks

When it’s time to replace a latch for your sliding a screen door, you’ll likely want to keep the same type of latch as the one you’re replacing.

Some screen doors may have latches which resemble a traditional door handle, but most sliding screen door latches feature latch-and-pull systems.

A latch-and-pull sliding screen allows you to open the door by sliding the screen to the left or right

Problems With Sliding Screen Door Latches

Incorrectly matched screen door latches can cause accidental slip offs, and they can sometimes even derail a sliding screen door.

Sliding screen latches come in many shapes, colors, and sizes, all of which help facilitate proper movement for your sliding screen door.

If your sliding screen door latch needs replacing, contact Total Screen Company today.   

Sliding Screen Door Lock

Similar to the replacement of a screen-door latch, a screen door lock is also a relatively common replacement.

It’s important to replace your screen-door latch lock with same lock type which originally came installed on the door.

Many screen door latches feature built-in locks, such as lever or mortise locks.

If you desire an additional level of security for your screen door, Total Screen Company can install a metal security screen door, offering a completely metal frame and mesh, in addition to a more-robust lock-and-key mechanism

DIY Replacement Of Sliding Screen Door Latch

For the do-it-yourself type, replacing a sliding screen door latch can be a straightforward process.

First, remove the existing latch screws of your screen door, remove the old latch or lock mechanism, and then finally then install the new lock and accompanying set of screws in the same manner.

If you are unsure in your abilities, or perhaps you are not comfortable with DIY screen door repairs, you can always contact your local screen door repair professionals when you need help replacing a sliding screen door latch.

if you need help selecting a lock or latch for your sliding screen door, feel free to contact Total Screen Company by using the contact form you see below.

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