Exploring KE Outdoor Design’s Showroom in Southern California

Take a virtual tour of the KE Outdoor Design showroom. Watch video demos of the "Qubica Flat", "Domina", and "Elite Plus" Retractable Awnings by KE. Call Total Screen and get expert retractable awning installation today.

KE Outdoor Designs Products

Total Screen is an authorized installer and reseller with KE. On a recent visit to KE's Southern-California showroom, we demoed some of their remote-control Retractable Awnings. Take a look at the video below, which shows three different models of KE retractable awnings in action:

The Elegant "Qubica Flat"

The "Qubica Flat" Retractable Deck Awning offers a customizable aesthetic with five stunning colors. It has a full-cassette housing and built-in lighting, which combine to deliver a sleek look that still provides complete protection. The "Qubica Flat" features automated technology, a quiet Somfy motor, and remote-control operation, which makes it convenient for every-day use.

"Qubica Flat" Retractable Awning In Action

"Qubica Flat" Retractable Awning In Action

Curious about KE Outdoor Designs full seleciton of retractable awnings? Click this link to see ALL of KE's Retractable Deck Awnings, and you can always click here to call us; we'll help you understand which retractable awning is right for you.

The "Domina" Redefines Comfort

The "Domina" Retractable Patio Awning combines elegance and functionality. "Domina" is available in five colors to match the aesthetic of your patio. The "Domina" features a full-cassette design, protecting retracted material and motors from weather elements. The "Domina" can be operated via remote control or manual control, offering flexibility to home owners.

"Domina" Retractable Awning In Action

"Domina" Retractable Awning In Action

The "Elite Plus" Offers Outdoor Luxury

KE's "Elite Plus" Retractable Awning for Decks is an innovative retractable shade solution. Its R-Pitch adjustable shoulder allows for precision sun protection, while options like LED lighting and automated weather-sensing featuers are designed to enhance usability. The "Elite Plus", with its optional drop valance and cassette housing, offers adaptability, protection, and weather resistance.

"Elite Plus" Retractable Awning In Action

"Elite Plus" Retractable Awning In Action

Get KE Outdoor Design, Installed by Total Screen

KE Outdoor Design products are engineered for quick installation, and many installations are completed in just 1 day. Experience the difference that KE Outdoor Design brings, in conjunction with Total Screen. Contact us today to discover how we can transform your outdoor area into a luxurious extension of your home. 


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