Sun Blocking Window Screens – Custom Solutions for Hilltop Homes

If your home has a space that gets too bright and hot, Solar Window screens are an ideal solution. The sun-blocking power provided by Solar Window screens can bring year-round comfort to your home. Contact our Total Screen professionals today and discover how we can help make your home cooler.

Total Screen Before and AfterHomeowners with panoramic patios know the constant battle with year-round sunlight can hinder the enjoyment of their space. Recently, Total Screen was approached by homeowners who had afternoon sun glaring harshly on their patio’s flat-screen television. After a minute of assessing the space and speaking with the homeowner, Total Screen’s solution was to create custom-size, sun blocking window screens for their patio space.

A Tailored Approach to Sunlight Management

Understanding that each home has its distinct architectural features, Total Screen’s first step was to conduct an on-site assessment.

Custom Sun Blocking Window Screens

Our Total Screen team measured the specific triangular space within the patio area that allowed the harsh setting sun to pierce through.

Crafting the Perfect Fit

Once we had precision measurements, we began creating a durable screen frame and mesh, designed to fit the unique dimensions of the space.

Installing Superficial Structure

Our choice of sun-blocking screen mesh is Sun Tex – a robust screen mesh known for blocking up to 90% of the sun’s rays. This innovative window screen material is used to effectively tackle the dual environmental challenges presented by the client’s environment: the glaring sun and the need for cooling airflow.

Installation with Precision

A few days later, with the custom screens ready, Total Screen returned to the hilltop home for installation. To ensure a seamless integration with the existing patio structure, we added pieces of wood, painted to match the patio’s aesthetic, creating the necessary support for the screens. The meticulous process, taking about three hours, involved fine-tuning the placement and smoothing out the mesh for a flawless finish.

The Dual Benefits of Sun Blocking Screens

The newly installed screens did more than just block the sunlight; they became a crucial element of the home’s passive cooling system. The mesh allowed for a gentle breeze to waft through, reducing the need for artificial cooling and inviting a natural comfort to the patio space.

Client Satisfaction: A Patio Reclaimed

Upon unveiling the installation, the homeowners expressed their delight. The intrusive sunlight was now a concern of the past, and they could once again enjoy their outdoor retreat to the fullest. The Sun Tex screens had delivered on their promise, affording them the luxury of watching their afternoon shows without the glare and with an added bonus of a cooler, more pleasant environment.

Finishing Up The Sun Blocking Window Panels

Total Screen: Your Partner in Comfortable Living

At Total Screen, we understand that every home is unique, especially those that grace the picturesque hilltops of our region. Our commitment to providing tailored solutions like sun blocking window screens is unwavering. Whether it’s the harsh sunlight you wish to tame or the desire for a natural breeze without the pests, we are here to enhance your living spaces, ensuring comfort and functionality without compromising on style.

If you too are looking to reclaim your outdoor spaces from the sun’s relentless rays, contact Total Screen today. Our expertise in custom screen solutions is your gateway to a more comfortable, enjoyable home environment.


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