Prevent Vinyl Siding Melting

Vinyl siding is popular for homeowners due to its low-cost and overall ease of maintenance, but vinyl siding is vulnerable to being burned or melted by reflected light.

If your vinyl siding shows signs of melting, it’s likely due to reflected sun light from nearby windows made with Low-E glass.

The solution to prevent vinyl siding melting is to cover the affected windows with Tuff Mesh window screens.

Install Tuff Mesh in order to neutralize damaging sun light reflection by up to 80 percent, and you’ll effectively protect your vinyl siding from any risk of burning and melting.

Why Does Vinyl Siding Melt?

Vinyl siding is made from a type of plastic called Polyvinyl Chloride, and PVC vinyl siding can melt if exposed to temperatures above 210 degrees or more.

Reflected light from nearby Low-E windows can actually reach beyond 200 degrees, which means your vinyl siding is vulnerable to melting if there are Low-E windows near it.

Reflected light from Low-E windows can burn all varieties of plastic or vinyl, which is why vinyl siding melts when left unprotected.

Melted vinyl siding can not be repaired and it must be replaced when melting or burning has occurred.

Preventing Melted Vinyl Siding

When choosing your form of protection, choose Tuff Mesh window screens to help you to stop further vinyl-melting problems.

Total Screen Company can easily install Tuff Mesh on any windows which reflect damaging sun light onto your vinyl siding.

Tuff Mesh acts as a shield which sits between your windows and the sun, effectively protecting your vinyl siding by reducing the amount of reflected sun light which hits it.

Why Tuff Mesh Is Best

Tuff Mesh is the most cost-effective option for preventing vinyl siding melt problems.

Tuff Mesh is lower-cost than alternative methods of shading window reflections, such as planting full-grown trees or installing awnings over the affected windows.

Tuff Mesh screens can be easily removed and cleaned by homeowners, unlike permanently-applied anti-glare window films, which can not be removed and re-applied.

Tuff Mesh Can Save Vinyl Siding

Contact us at your convenience to ask questions or find out how Total Screen Company can save your vinyl siding with Tuff Mesh.


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