Benefits of Metal Window Security Screens

Every screen must have security functions, but sometimes it can be necessary to want or need extra protection so that it prevents more outside intrusions, and that is where the benefits of metal window security screens can help, because metal is much more effective at stopping intruders than mesh.

While mesh screens are useful for protecting you from wind or insects and it is effective against mild hail from outside, it’s not nearly as effective or tough as metal, which is why the main benefit for a metal screen is to increase security for your windows.

Metal Security Window Screens for Protection

When you have some security concerns, it’s wise to choose metal, especially if any of those concerns are about strangers entering your house, as mesh is easier to cut or bypass, and it may not deter many people who would try to climb in via your windows.

Because metal naturally is thicker, durable, heavier, and tougher, it can prevent those intruders from trying to enter, often simply by its presence, and the intruder quickly retreats as opposed to perhaps continuing to search for ways to enter or to test the effectiveness of the window’s screen.

Installing Metal Security Window Screens

The process for putting the security or metal screen in requires some tools and it’s a relatively simple task overall, but some people hire a professional when installing metal security window screens to ensure it’s done properly and to prevent mistakes that may happen if you try to do it yourself.

Be sure to measure the size of your windows before you purchase the screens to know if they will fit correctly, then clean the area of dust, so it’s prepared, when you are ready to attach it to the window frame.

Upgrade to Metal Security Window Screens

Purchasing your security screens is easy because all of the information is here for you to see, and the Total Screen Company is always available to answer any questions you have if you need help with selecting or installing the screens you purchase.

Feel free to use the form below to send us messages or questions when it’s convenient for you so you can shop with confidence and to see why now is the perfect time for you to upgrade to metal security window screens.



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