How Do Protective Window Screens Work?

A protective window screen keeps the interior of your home safe from outdoor elements, such as insects, and birds.

Installing protective window screens also allows a home’s inhabitants to feel the cross-breeze and to hear sounds from outdoors.

Equally important are the sun light-blocking power of protective screens for windows, because a well-placed window screen can reduce a room’s light to a more comfortable level.

Install Protective Window Screens

Installing protective window screens is straightforward, especially when you contact Total Screen Company to install your window screens.

When installing a window screen, it’s important to ensure everything fits properly; a properly-fitting window screen makes it impossible for unwanted elements to seep through. 

Before placing the screen over the window, the best-practice is to completely dust off the window frame.

A clean window frame will allow the window screen to fit perfectly flush, thus increasing its stability and overall efficiency.

Protective Window Screen Benefits

Each type of window screen’s traits determines which uses apply to it or how it’s best used, so the protective window screen benefits may vary from product to product, however, their function is primarily security, used to protect the indoors from outdoor intrusions.

These types of screens can include metal security screens, made out of metal so it acts as an effective deterrent for burglars, retractable screens that slide into the enclosures for convenience, or solar screens that absorb the sun to make your house cooler when temperatures or the humidity increases.

Get Protective Window Screens

Selecting your window screen is easy to do because all of the information that you need is on this website and Total Screen Company offers every type for every situation, plus, we are here to help you, from selection to installation.

Please feel free to use the form to send us any questions pertaining to your situation or to request some more information or new ideas for how to protect your interiors whenever it’s convenient for you, and we are happy to reply quickly to help, so that you can get protective window screens that look and function perfectly.



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