What Are Security Window Screens?

When you shop for security features with the intent of protecting your house’s point of entries, you may see the question, “what are security window screens?”, which is easily answered by saying, they are windows made specifically to protect you from outside elements, such as intruders, winds, water, and hail.

The main concern for many people is the idea of an intruder trying to or being able to enter without permission from you, so the main purpose of security window screens is of course, to protect your property, and there are many ways they accomplish that.

Security Window Screens for Home Protection

Because you want security, these screens bring to your house the safety and peace of mind you expect from them, however, security window screens for home protection are available in many types, including the flexible mesh that is perfect for light winds, or metal screens that are made to withstand threats of intrusion.

Protection by itself is often sufficient simply to deter intruders if they see it or know it’s there, so the presence of metal screens helps to prevent any attempts to even try to test it or enter windows, and that’s the whole point.

Leave Your Windows Open With A Security Window Screen

Each screen is a shield for your house and allows you to see or to hear what’s outside, so that you can in effect, leave your windows open with a security window screen without ever worrying if you’re safe from whatever is out there.

Remember to have the measurements for your window with you or at least memorized to ensure the screens that you purchase fit your house’s frames, and the process to install new screens is relatively easy, however, if you are not sure about it, you can always hire a professional to install them for you, and that helps you to make sure they are attached properly.

Install Security Window Screens

There’s a screen for you and now is the time to find it for your house, and the Total Screen Company makes it easy with the information you need, the features of products, and the services to help, from selection to installs, for your specific situation.

Please feel free to use the contact form below if you have questions or to request some more information so that you can see how safe it feels when you install security window screens.



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